Third Woman Accuses Andrew Cuomo of Harassment

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If you’re a regular reader of PJ Media, you’ve never been under the misapprehension that Andrew Cuomo is a good governor or even a good human being. You know that he completely botched New York’s response to COVID-19, condemning at least 11,000 senior citizens to a horrible death by sending sick people into nursing homes, and then he lied about it. You know how ridiculous it is that Cuomo published an entire book about how well he handled the coronavirus, which is the most insane gaslighting imaginable. You know that he’s a bully and a liar and a thug. And you know that, for the past year, he’s been aided and abetted by the mainstream media.


You didn’t pretend that stuff like this was okay:

And you didn’t pretend Cuomo’s boosters in the media and Hollywood had any idea what they were talking about:

But now, after a full year of gaslighting us about Cuomo, our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters have suddenly turned on him. First they “discovered” Cuomo’s ineptitude and corruption in the nursing home scandal, a mere nine months after the Daily Caller broke the story. Then Lindsey Boylan, one of Cuomo’s former aides, accused him of sexually harassing her and even cornering her in his office for an unwanted kiss. Then another former aide, Charlotte Bennett, also claimed he propositioned her.

How many women’s careers has Andrew Cuomo allegedly ruined? We’re up to three now. Bernadette Hogan and Natalie Musumeci, NY Post:


A former New York journalist claims the “damaging” harassment and “personal attacks” she faced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration was one of the reasons that led her to quit her job.

Lindsay Nielsen, in a post to Twitter Sunday, said she left Albany-based News10 ABC following the alleged “threatening” tactics and “incessant bullying” she endured by the governor’s office.

Nielsen, who left News10 in 2017 after joining the news outlet in 2012, told The Post Monday that the alleged harassment was “one of the reasons” why she quit her job.

Nielsen is the third woman to claim harassment by Gov. Cuomo. How many more will step forward? Cuomo seems to think this is only the beginning, considering the kinda-sorta semi-pseudo-apology he just put out:

Or, in sum: “Hey, whaddaya want from me? I’m sorry dese broads can’t take a joke!” Andrew Dice Cuomo.


Is Cuomo guilty just because a woman accused him? How many unprovable accusations are required before something is done about him? I have no idea. What are the rules in the post-#MeToo era? Usually we let a politician get away with it unless he’s a Republican. But then again, Al Franken had to resign in disgrace for being a serial groper. So far we don’t have any photographic evidence of Cuomo’s alleged misdeeds, which was what brought Franken down. Will Dems circle the wagons, or will they throw Cuomo to the wolves?

Well, it’s starting to look like those wolves will be having Italian for dinner:

Can’t say I’ll miss him if he finally goes away. What a tyrannical little creep. This tinpot dictator even thought he could singlehandedly ban Thanksgiving, and he threw a fit when NY sheriffs refused to treat his insane edicts as “laws.” It’s not enough to kill your grandma, Cuomo also wants to keep you from spending time with your remaining family.


I hope Cuomo doesn’t get away with it, but I won’t be surprised if he does. People can excuse anything to maintain their grip on power. If a few women get sexually harassed along the way, that’s too bad for them. Sooner or later, #MeToo becomes #NeverMind.


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