YouTube 'Star' Records Himself Defecating in Nancy Pelosi's Driveway

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Do you like Nancy Pelosi? Do you think she’s just terrific? If so, you’re not going to like this next item. But then, if you like Pelosi, you’re probably not reading this in the first place.


Looks like it’s just us, guys. So yeah, at this point we’re all tired of Nancy’s crap, right? It’s one thing to be sick of her $#!+, but one man has decided to return it in kind. Brett Bachman, NY Post:

A YouTube star appeared to relieve himself on the driveway of Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence during a livestream on Saturday…

In the footage, a man who identifies himself as “Armando” walks through the streets of San Francisco in search of the Speaker’s house. Once there, he sets up a camera across the street and stands on what appears to be Pelosi’s driveway for several minutes, eventually saluting his viewers before squatting down to poop on the pavement.

After walking out of the frame he says, “That was for President Trump.”

Here’s the video, if you feel like it’s a good use of your time to watch it:

Talk about the bowels of the internet. Apparently somebody told this guy he needed to do his duty, and he misunderstood. That’s one way to start a movement. He actually made a log of… well, making a log. I don’t like Pelosi either, but there’s no need to make such a big stink. Etc.

On one hand, this is really disgusting and that idiot has earned the legal trouble he’s going to get. On the other hand, I laughed. So it all evens out.


This YouTuber — sorry, but I refuse to call him a “star” unironically — calls himself Lifes Mavrek (sic), and here’s how he describes himself:

My name is Armando, and for the last few years I’ve been homeless. I always aspired to get out and travel. To live a life that was different. Peter McKinnon and Casey Neistat, were my inspiration to go out and become a filmmaker. Now, I shoot videos straight off my phone. With the dream of one day traveling the country, while creating movies.

That’s how it always starts out, right? You’re young and carefree and full of hope. You’ve got the whole world at your feet. And then one day, you find yourself crapping in Nancy Pelosi’s driveway. Such are the winds of fate.

But is this really the most disturbing form of protest you’ve seen in the last six months? This clown is dumb and gross, but at least he didn’t burn down a police station. He didn’t loot a CVS or a Target. He didn’t blind anybody with lasers or knock over tables in a restaurant. He didn’t shoot any cops as they sat in their idling patrol car. Hell, he didn’t even leave anything on the pavement that you can’t see scattered all over any other sidewalk in San Francisco. The only difference is that those homeless dudes don’t put their dookies on YouTube. I’m not condoning this sort of behavior, but let’s have some perspective here.


This is a peaceful protest. Repulsive, unsanitary, and very very rude, but peaceful. If Armando did this and then threw it at a cop, then he’d be antifa.

Best of luck, Armando. I may not approve of your methods, but I can’t fault you for your cheek.

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