'The Atlantic' Begs Joe Biden Not to Die

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event Friday, Sept. 27, 2019, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

When Joe Biden disappeared from public view for more than a week after Friday the 13th(!), I sincerely hoped that it wasn’t related to COVID-19 the Chinese virus. Not because I’ve ever thought he would make a good president, even when he was a heartbeat away from the office and still possessed more than 51% of his marbles. Not because I like his policies or his way of advocating them. Because I simply don’t wish illness on anybody, particularly an illness that’s deadly to Joe Biden’s age group. I wish him nothing but good health, and I hope he’s able to accept the Democratic Party’s nomination for president and run against Donald Trump in November. Assuming we even have an election then. We live in a world where the IRS just postponed your filing deadline by three months and Waffle House is closed, so anything is possible.


As for Democrats, at this point some of them are just happy to run a candidate who’s still breathing. Douglas Ernst, Washington Times:

Alex Wagner of Showtime’s “The Circus” has released an op-ed urging Democrats to view former Vice President Joseph R. Biden as a “vessel” and an “idea” if they want President Trump defeated at the ballot box.

The writer penned “Stay Alive, Joe Biden” for The Atlantic this week, which serves as a blueprint for realizing a Democrat as the 46th commander in chief…

“It’s as if Biden exists primarily as an idea, rather than an actual candidate. Democrats have chosen Biden as their vessel for Trump’s defeat, and that choice is the entire point: The vanquishing matters more than anything else.”

If you skipped all that, here’s her thesis:

“Democrats need little from the front-runner beyond his corporeal presence.” It’s not quite “Hope and Change,” but I suppose it’ll do in a pinch. Obama’s selling point was inspiration, and Biden’s is respiration.

They’ve lowered their standards to the point where the only deal-breaker when picking a candidate is death. And maybe they’ll even accept that. If dead Democrats can vote, why can’t they run for president? Joe already looks and acts like a literal zombie.


But the Dems could do worse than ol’ Joe. I mean, who else is going to give us much-needed distractions from the stresses of March 2020 American life like this?

Joe Biden: Bad Candidate, Good for a Laugh


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