Hollywood #Resistance Libs Call Themselves 'The Decency Collective'

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

You might think America’s greatest natural resource is coal or lumber or natural gas or something boring like that. No, America’s greatest natural resource is celebrities. We have more celebrities per capita than any other country on Earth, probably. We see them on our TVs and phones and iPads (and sometimes even movie screens, if it looks worth leaving the house), and they show us the true potential of the human race. We want to look like them and do what they do. We want to buy $75 candles that smell like their genitals. And most importantly, we want to vote how they vote.


Celebrities take this responsibility very, very seriously. They know their words can shape the future, so they’re very careful to say the right things in the right way. And now, thanks to the efforts of Emily Stewart at Vox Dot Com, we know the lengths these celebrities are taking to shape their message. Stewart recounts a recent conversation that took place between actors and staunch #Resisters Debra Messing and Don Cheadle. And more importantly, where it happened:

The discussion took place on Twitter, but not in a public space. It happened in a private room made for progressive celebrities and activists to communicate and work in tandem to spread messages online. It’s a growing tactic on the left, designed to piggyback on a social media coordination strategy employed successfully on the right and intended to harness the power of Hollywood stars and high-profile activists who already lean Democratic. A sort of cabal of #Resistance influencers, if you will.

The Messing-Cheadle exchange… took place in an under-the-radar, invite-only network called the Decency Collective, an effort to harness the potential of progressive celebrities and activists online…


Among the names I noticed of those involved are many that people might recognize: Gabrielle Union, Alyssa Milano, Jon Cryer, Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Tom Colicchio, Jason Long, Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Grenier, Akilah Hughes, Piper Perabo, W. Kamau Bell, Ady Barkan, Jason Kander. Representatives from the presidential campaigns of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, among others, are in the mix as well.

Well, of course those political hacks are in the mix. They need to get their message out, and their megaphone is the guy who plays the Incredible Hulk.

Now if you’ll indulge me, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the fact that a bunch of Hollywood liberals have branded themselves… “the Decency Collective.”

That’s just terrific. “Decency Collective” might sound pretentious, but hey, “Justice League” was already taken.

I guess the idea is that if a Hollywood celebrity says something, people will think it’s true. Like, if the old woman who plays a gay guy’s roommate on TV wants me to vote for Elizabeth Warren, I should do that. Why would she say so if it wasn’t a good idea? After all, if people on television weren’t smarter and more sensible than us, they wouldn’t be on television.


So the next time you see a celeb tweeting something even dumber than usual, tell them to go back to their “Decency Collective” hivemind and try again. #Groupthink2020!


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