Vladimir Putin Is Responsible for Everything Bad in the World, Including This Blog Post

I don’t know if Donald Trump has driven everyone insane,* or if we’d be seeing the same sort of widescale madness across America right now if Hillary hadn’t failed so utterly. By now we have plenty of empirical data that smartphones and social media and 24-hour news aren’t good for the human soul and psyche, so things would probably still be pretty crazy these days. But at least we wouldn’t have a bunch of Democrats out there in 2018 claiming Putin stole the election.


As always when I discuss Russia, I need to preface it with the wise words of the Greatest President in American History. Remember when The Lightworker said this, all the way back in 2012?

“The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back.” That was in the olden days, when worrying about Russia was a joke to Democrats. Now it’s a full-time job.

Either they genuinely, honestly believe this stuff, or for some reason they want the rest of us to think they’ve lost their minds:

Since when have mere facts and evidence had the power to sway a leftist’s “thinking”?

Here are a couple of examples from just the past weekend. For decades, Nina Burleigh was infamous as the reporter who said she’d gladly put on “presidential kneepads” if it meant Bill Clinton would keep abortion legal. Now, Burleigh has a new reason to be infamous. On Saturday, she said this:


And on Sunday, she said this:

If you say something incredibly stupid, and a lot of people tell you how incredibly stupid that thing you said was, just blame Putin. If he’s the source of your biggest problem — not getting what you wanted in 2016 — then why can’t he be the source of all your problems?

Then there’s former comedian Jen Kirkman, who is now saying stuff like this in public:

Out of all the moments in history, this one is the most alarming. Sounds legit.

In six short years, they’ve all gone from “Hurr hurr, Romney is stuck in the ’80s” to “OMG, my phone charger is missing, Putin stole it!” It’s just odd to me that they think Obama took care of this guy, and yet he stole an election right from under Obama’s nose. Doublethink is your best entertainment value.


I didn’t like Putin back when Obama was dismissing him as a threat, and I don’t like Putin now. I don’t like to see Trump palling around with that dissident-murdering tyrant.** But unlike my moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left, I don’t see Putin lurking around every corner and hiding under the bed.

Of course, the Russians will cease to be a problem again the minute another Democrat steps into the Oval Office. As bad as things are, at least it hasn’t come to that yet.

*Everyone except me, of course!
**Although I also recognize that Trump is tougher on Putin, policy-wise, than Obama was.


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