How to Turn a Seattle Soyboy CHAZ Supporter into a Gun-Toting Conservative in One Easy Step

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A Seattle sports-talk radio host has given us the template by which many liberals convert to conservativism. This process first became famous when former Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo switched from Democrat to the Republican Party, saying, “A conservative is a liberal who was mugged the night before.” ESPN 710 host Paul Gallant tweeted in June that President Trump was wrong about the violence in Seattle’s CHAZ, only to tweet this weekend that he wants to arm himself for protection against the violent protests.


As Ian Miles Cheong of Human Events snarked, life comes at you fast:

Apparently, the Starbucks on the ground floor of his mixed-use, high-density urban dwelling in Seattle was vandalized, and the police told him to stay away in case any explosives had been left in the store.

CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle Creates Conflict Resolution Council, and the Rules Are SPECTACULAR

Also, actual fires:

After he received some Twitter response pointing out his new-found conservatism, he doubled down on the myth of police provocation causing the mayhem:


It’s still a work in progress, but I have hope for you, Paul Gallant! Maybe we can schedule some range time together and talk it over while we discuss the Constitution and proper firearm safety.

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