Writer Catches the New York Times Accidentally Reporting Who Sabotaged the DACA Decision at SCOTUS

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The New York Times reported a bombshell on Friday that they didn’t even realize. In a report attempting to smear Donald Trump for wanting to sell Puerto Rico, the New York Times inadvertently revealed who was responsible for the loss at the Supreme Court over Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).


PJ Media reported at the time (h/t Matt Margolis):

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled against President Trump’s efforts to end Barack Obama’s immigration program called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which granted pseudo amnesty for minors brought to the United States illegally.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who was nominated to the court by George W. Bush, joined the four liberals on the court. Roberts argued that the Trump administration’s ending of the program was “arbitrary and capricious,” and violated federal law governing administrative procedure.

Many were left scratching their heads at what administrative procedure could be relevant to reversing an executive order.

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My friend Becca Lower wrote today at RedState*:

NYT Claims Trump Suggested Sale of Puerto Rico in 2017, Ends up With Egg on Its Face

Here’s just the latest one: on Friday the New York Times published an interview with Elaine Duke, who served as the former acting secretary of Homeland Security for four months in 2017, after John Kelly moved over to White House chief of staff but before Kirstjen Nielsen was confirmed to replace him. And as the Times reporter makes sure to tell readers, Duke is a “lifelong Republican” and “veteran of nearly 30 years at the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense.” You don’t say.

Lower spends the bulk of the article correctly lampooning the increasingly clowinsh New York Times for desperately flailing about for any angle they can dig up to make President Trump look bad/incompetent/racist. The story makes up for a paucity of substance with unintentional comedy.


Duke, Lower writes, had a problem with Trump’s “hard talk” about Puerto Rico’s corruption and how it was disrupting the island territory’s recovery from devastating hurricanes.

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That’s when Lower drops this bombshell:

Take a look at this revelation about how Duke sabotaged the administration’s case before the Supreme Court, a decision which the high court just handed down. It should raise eyebrows: [emphasis mine]

Ms. Duke’s most lasting legacy is likely to be the memo she signed — under pressure — to end that program. Her decision not to cite any specific policy reasons was at the heart of the Supreme Court’s ruling, which said the Trump administration had failed to substantively consider the implications of terminating the program’s protections and benefits.

Ms. Duke said she did not include policy reasons in the memo because she did not agree with the ideas being pushed by Mr. Miller and Mr. Sessions: that DACA amounted to an undeserved amnesty and that it would encourage new waves of illegal immigration.

No wonder she was told to take a hike after just a handful of months. If you don’t support the president you serve, you shouldn’t continue to serve that president. Period.

That’s right. We now know, thanks to the New York Times (and the sharp eyes of Becca Lower of RedState) who sabotaged the DACA case and handed the Trump administration an otherwise inexplicable loss.


It just becomes more clear by the day how radical and anti-American the New York Times is and always has been.

*Boy, we are killing it lately here at the TownHall Media properties.

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