Party Time at the Justice Department: Free Pizza, and a Dancing Loretta Lynch

When the Obama Justice Department recently learned that it had killed off election integrity laws in North Carolina and Texas, political leadership decided it was time for a party -- a pizza party, to be precise. It was also time for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to dance. Literally.

This bizarre waste of taxpayer money and government time occurred on October 4, 2016, at noon at the Justice Department Voting Section offices at 1800 G Street, NW, in Washington, D.C.


The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, led by an Obama appointee, had just reversed a thorough 485-page trial court opinion upholding North Carolina's election integrity laws, including early voting reforms and Voter ID. Earlier, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals had upheld a federal court striking down Texas Voter ID.

It was time for the leftist lawyers at the Justice Department to celebrate.

An email went out from Chris Herren, the Voting Section chief:

All - in appreciation for all the very hard work that the section has been doing, [Deputy Assistant Attorney General] Justin [Levitt] would like to provide lunch for the Section....  We are thinking pizza, cookies and soda, around noon. ....  We hope that everyone can be there.

All the "hard work," as we shall see, wasn't much, as the Voting Section has hardly filed any cases in the last seven years. I am told by multiple sources that high-paid lawyers and staff there spend days idling, doing nothing, while their managers hide behind closed doors.

Despite this lack of work, the section has continued to hire new lawyers, naturally with impeccable left-wing pedigrees.

Nevertheless, it was time to party.

Domino's Pizza delivered dozens of pizzas and soda to the conference room -- enough to feed a section with upwards of 70 federal employees, with all the lawyers making in excess of $110,000 a year and many making $155,000 plus benefits.