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James O'Keefe Files Bar Complaints Against DOJ Lawyers

James O’Keefe has filed an ethics complaint with various bar associations against Department of Justice Civil Rights attorney Karla Dobinski and three others arising out of a prosecution of police officers in New Orleans.

PJ Media has covered Karla Dobinski’s ethical misconduct here and here.

Dobinski was in charge of the taint team in the prosecution of New Orleans polices officers on civil rights charges in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The taint team was responsible for protecting the constitutional rights of the accused police officers. It was responsible for ensuring that evidence obtained in the local internal affairs investigation did not make its way into the criminal prosecution.

Judge Kurt Engelhardt called the DOJ attorney misconduct “grotesque.” Despite that, Dobinski is still employed by the Criminal Section in the Civil Rights Division, the same component which is investigating the police in Ferguson, Missouri.

Dobinski is also at the very top of the federal payscale, making in excess of $155,000 despite having engaged in grotesque misconduct.

Dobinski is a member of both the Wisconsin and District of Columbia bars. If either bar takes action against her, it is likely the other bar will follow. For example, if Dobinski were disbarred in Wisconsin for her behavior in the New Orleans police prosecution, she would likely be disbarred by the D.C. Bar.

An attorney general nominee will soon have to answer questions in confirmation hearings. One question that must be asked is whether it is wise to keep lawyers employed at the Justice Department who engaged in “grotesque” unethical conduct in the prosecution of police officers, especially when the nation is now alerted to pending matters in Ferguson and Staten Island.

Here is the new O’Keefe video describing the bar complaints against the DOJ lawyers: