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DOJ Lawyer in New Orleans Police Scandal Hires Criminal Defense Lawyer

Justice Department attorney Karla Dobinski has hired a criminal defense lawyer.  Dobinski is in the center of the scandal involving the DOJ’s bungled and lawless prosecution of New Orleans police officers under federal civil rights statutes (covered here and here.)

Dobinski has hired David Laufman.  His webpage states:

David H. Laufman is a veteran Washington, DC, lawyer specializing in white-collar criminal defense and corporate compliance counseling. A former federal prosecutor, Mr. Laufman utilizes his experience at the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as his experience in Congress and the U.S. intelligence community, to resolve a wide array of issues for his clients. Mr. Laufman represents parties in all phases of federal criminal investigations and other government enforcement actions, as well as in congressional investigations, Inspector General investigations, professional misconduct investigations, and sensitive national security matters.

The Times Picayune reports that Dobinski’s behavior is currently being reviewed by the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility.  This is the exact same office which failed to ask the lawyers involved the central question in their investigation of who inside DOJ was leaking secret grand jury information and posting comments to news stories: did you do it?

The Office of Professional Responsibility has a long history of partisan and half-baked investigations.  United States District Court Judge Kurt Englehardt had less than kind words for OPR’s investigation in the New Orleans police case.  OPR is also in Eric Holder’s chain of command.  He can hire and fire the head of OPR.  It has a history of whitewashing bad behavior by left leaning DOJ officials and negative views toward conservative DOJ officials.  Worse, some of the malfeasance in the matter may involve Deputy Attorney General James Cole and his top deputy.  Thus, one cannot expect much from OPR.