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Does Obama Care More About Benghazi Families, or Himself?

The Benghazi scandal is easy to understand, and that's what makes it so dangerous for the White House. Simply, the Obama administration's narrative -- that al-Qaeda was on the run, that Hosni Mubarak had to go, and that the Arab Spring was a good thing -- was proven false when four brave Americans were killed.

Because the administration was a slave to their own narrative, rather than aggressively fighting al-Qaeda, rather than recognizing the $50 billion investment in Mubarak's stability, and rather than realizing that the upheaval they sponsored in the Middle East empowered Muslim Brotherhood radicals, they lied repeatedly about Benghazi.

They lied to win re-election, the most vile sort of lie.

Now three whistleblowers are coming forward to testify about the administration's incompetence and lies in the days following September 11, 2012.

I know a thing or two about being a whistleblower. I appeared on theĀ Huckabee show this weekend (see video below) and explained how simply telling the truth is the way to shield yourself from the sinister deceptions from places like the Huffington Post and the George Soros-funded Media Matters. They can try to smear you, but the truth of your testimony will rise above their smears.

Not only is Benghazi simple to understand, it is revealing: does President Obama care more about the Benghazi families learning the truth regarding why their loved ones died, or does he care more about his own political power?

If his administration continues to lie, obstruct, and unleash attacks on the whistleblowers, we'll know he just doesn't care about the Benghazi families.

We will also know Obama will have at last become the thing the bright young activist most loathed -- a president who will lie to the public about Americans dying overseas. After all, that's the central Vietnam narrative of the Left: America, the imperialist nation which callously sends men to die and then hides the truth from the American people.

Pay attention to the people behind Benghazi. Many outside the Beltway don't understand that policy is driven by the usually nameless inside the government. Day-to-day decisions, drafts, and management of matters is not done by a president, or even by his direct reports. It is done by thirtysomethings like Ben Rhodes:

Ben Rhodes