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Voter Fraudster Amy Busefink Lobbies Texas Legislature to Conceal Voter Fraud

Project Vote Deputy Director Amy Busefink is busy lobbying the Texas legislature on election-integrity issues — trying to stop Texas from checking to see if Texas voters are registered in multiple states.  She recently organized a letter of various left-wing groups trying to stop legislation before the Texas House Elections Committee. Members of the Texas legislature shouldn’t take Busefink seriously — she has a history of participating in voter fraud.

Busefink enters her plea in court to voter fraud.

Busefink sent a letter on April 8, 2013, to the Texas House Elections Committee asking them to block a law that would require Texas to check to see if Texas voters were registered in other states.  Texas has multiple counties where more voters are registered than people are alive. She falsely claims in the letter that government videotaping of early voting would “be a violation of federal law because it could be considered a form of intimidation or coercion.”  Nonsense.  Voter intimidation requires more than cameras.  Billy clubs, for example, might suffice.

Busefink was silent, of course, about the New Black Panther Party standing in front of polls in Philadelphia. Perhaps because they supported the same candidate she did. Busefink entered an Alford plea to voter fraud in Nevada.  That means she admitted she could not contest the multiple voter-fraud charges against her.

Committee chair Geanie Morrison should invite Busefink to Austin to testify about why it is a confirmed voter fraudster is so interested in blocking legislation to crack down on voter fraud in Texas.  Americans with any common sense know the answer already.  Joining the voter fraudster Busefink on the letter to the Texas legislature included a hodge podge of liberal groups: the Texas State Teachers Association, Progress Texas, Public Citizen, NARAL-Pro Choice, SEIU, and the strangely named “Entity.”  Were the leaders of these groups aware of Busefink’s history of voter fraud? I’d wager the answer is yes. They just don’t care.