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Americans Want Voter ID 'Because There Is a Brother in the White House'

Polls show that about 80% of Americans support photo voter identification laws. A majority of whites, blacks, Hispanics, Democrats, and Republicans support voter ID. Why do so many people want voter ID laws?

According to Richmond, Virginia, Mayor Dwight Jones, "because there is a brother in the White House."

Here's a secret. I've been following the voter ID debate for seven years. In fact, I've even been involved in some legislative plotting in various states to pass voter ID. And I can say with one hand on a Bible, and one hand in the air, that I've never once heard any voter ID proponent suggest that a "brother in the White House" has anything to do with it. This is pure, simple, racialist nonsense from the mayor of Richmond.

Of course if you've read my book Injustice, you'd already know that a favorite tool of those opposing voter integrity laws is pure, simple, racialist nonsense. The civil rights industry, the accidental heir to the civil rights movement, uses race to create a smokescreen for criminal wrongdoing. The stories in my book from Hale and Perry County, Alabama, are downright disgusting and disturbing.

Prior to the entry of guilty pleas to multiple voter fraud indictments, a civil rights rally was held for the not-yet guilty in Greensboro, Alabama.  From Injustice:

In a stunning display of racial solidarity, more than 200 people, almost all black, packed their arraignment hearing and loudly applauded when not guilty pleas were entered. In a corrupt appropriation of the moral authority of the civil rights movement, they wore t-shirts that said, “Greensboro 2: Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere.”  Outside the courthouse, supporters held hands in a huge circle, sang songs from the civil rights movement, and prayed for the defendants’ legal deliverance.

Soon after the rally, the "victims" entered guilty pleas and became "felons."  And this is just one example of dozens.

If you genuinely oppose voter ID, you might call Mayor Dwight "Bloody Shirt" Jones and let him know he does your cause no favors by such preposterous racialist rhetoric. He is marginalizing your cause to most reasonable Americans.  He can be reached at (804) 646-7970.