How Liberals Become Cover Girls in the Capitalist System They Oppose

A 2011 Gallup poll found that 40% of Americans consider themselves conservative and only 21% consider themselves liberal. So why does the advertising community — a.k.a Madison Avenue — and their clients continue to hire outspoken liberals for their advertising campaigns?


I recently lost two very big advertising campaigns (add those to the many others) because I am a conservative. The advertisers actually stated this. Ironically, the more I speak out about the non-partisan values of our United States Constitution and the necessities of a free-market system to keep businesses thriving, the more ad campaigns (whose goal it is to promote their businesses) I lose.

While I was waiting outside an office the other day, I picked up a magazine. On the back was an outspoken liberal actress in an ad for a cosmetic cream. It happened to be the same company that was contemplating hiring me until it discovered I was a conservative. I sighed. As I continued to flip through the magazine I saw another liberal activist actress who was recently spotted leading chants at Occupy Wall Street events. She was in an ad for a wholesome drink. Are Occupy Wall Street events wholesome (defecation, urination, public acts of sex, rape, drugs, violence)?

As I returned home and turned on the television, it was more of the same. I was barraged with liberal thought and actions in the sitcoms, dramas, and reality shows. I received no reprieve during commercial breaks. I saw hair flipping around in a hair color ad by an actress who recently held a fundraiser for Obama in her home and did a pro-Obama PSA. Would an actress who was pro-Bush or is pro-Romney get this same opportunity?

Before I could blink, the next commercial flashed more outspoken liberal actors. Liberals are the ones who rant against Wall Street, big business, and banks. Yet liberals are the ones doing ads for — you guessed it — Wall Street, big business, and banks — those money-making entities that liberals say are so evil.


Question: Would any of these liberal actors be doing the cosmetic, hair, credit card, and drink ads for free? You can bet not. They have big-time agents negotiating big-time deals that pay them millions. To quote Peter Roff, the businesses are being persuaded by liberal advertising companies “to feed the hand that bites them.”

Where is the reason in all this?

In a country where more Americans identify themselves as conservative than liberal, Americans are being peddled goods by outspoken liberals. Businesses are being influenced by Madison Avenue to hire celebrity spokespersons with outspoken liberal political beliefs to sell their products. Why are they not hiring conservative celebrity spokepersons who actually rally for free enterprise, which benefits the buyer?

This is just another avenue for liberal bias and a progressive attempt to influence the buyer politically, even with blatant hypocrisy. It’s an underground movement whose motives the liberal advertising companies are hoping will not be noticed.

There is nothing wrong with liberals being hired to do commercials, but there is something wrong with conservatives not being hired because they are conservatives.

Why is this important? It is important because of the influence apathy gives Madison Avenue. It is important because of the sheer magnitude of power indifference gives the media over our minds. Americans are letting their thought processes and instincts be manipulated by their lack of action. It’s time to vet the nanny who is raising our children and influencing our own minds: the culture (i.e., the press, media, sitcoms, dramas, reality shows, music, and advertising).


I’ve heard it said that conservatives will buy products peddled by liberals (because they have no other choice) but liberals won’t buy products peddled by conservatives. If this is true, then it is time for conservatives and independents to wake up and smell the ads. If we want change, then it’s all in the pocketbook.

We are all Americans. I don’t mind seeing liberals in ads, as long as there is no hypocrisy in their actions. However, the playing field should be leveled. Conservative Americans should not be shunned and conservatives should be duly represented.

The time has come for advertising companies and their clients to spread the politics around and for the American buyer to demand it.


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