New O'Keefe Video: Cops Say 'You're On Your Own' Without Gun

James O’Keefe’s latest video shows the ugly truth: if you don’t own a gun, you are on your own. In the video, he goes into police stations (predominately in the anti-gun Northeast) and collects a shocking harvest of responses from officers about how the police have no ability to protect them. Traffic and time prevent effective responses to 911 calls.  O’Keefe’s undercover protagonist pushes the issue, “well, how am I supposed to protect my family if I don’t have a gun?”


“You’re on your own,” is the common response. Others suggest defending your family with bleach, 2 x 4’s, yelling, or holding a cell phone to your ear and pretending you are talking to the police. It demonstrates the immorality of gun control policies in places like New York and New Jersey. One New York cop says a “shotgun or rifle is a luxury.”   A government acts immorally when it prevents you from defending the lives of your children. If you care about keeping your family free from violence, move South.

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