Women Freezing Eggs Waiting for "Mr. Right"

From the Daily Mail: “The REAL reason why women are freezing their eggs – they are waiting for the perfect father:”

They are often portrayed as hard-hearted individuals who are putting motherhood on hold in order to climb the career ladder.

But women who freeze their eggs are actually waiting for a man who is perfect father material to come along.

Researcher Kylie Baldwin, who asked a group of women why they froze their eggs, said: ‘I think they were looking for a hands-on father.

‘And it was the absence of this particular type of potential father, not just the absence of any partner, that led them to freeze the eggs.


Why does a father have to be perfect? Since when are human beings perfect? In some sense, imperfection is what makes us human, but average humans, especially men, aren’t good enough any more.

Women expect too much, and men have no incentives to get married or have kids anymore. It’s a vicious cycle and the only ones winning seem to be these expensive labs charging a fortune for women to freeze their eggs.



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