What Do You Read on Your Phone When Standing in Line?

I was at the bank yesterday on a late Friday afternoon standing in a long line waiting for the teller. Everyone looked bored and the man in front of me pulled out his iPhone to kill time. He was a business man dressed smartly and looked a bit irritated but controlled that he had to wait in line. I thought to myself, “he probably has some high-level, high pressure job in business and doesn’t have a lot of time to kill. He’ll probably get on his phone to return emails, check stocks or do other important work so as not to waste time.” I was wrong.


Instead, nosy psychologist that I am, I glanced at his large iPhone to see what he had pulled up. Imagine my surprise when rather than the stock market report, or other business, he had pulled up an article called “11 Secrets of Irresistible People.” Even this seemingly put together guy was having to get advice on the internet on how to be irresistible. He looked like he could care less but then, maybe that self-confident put together look was what he had learned from the web. According to the article he was surfing:

Irresistible people aren’t constantly searching for validation, because they’re confident enough to find it in themselves. There are certain habits they pursue every day to maintain this healthy perspective.

Since being irresistible isn’t the result of dumb luck, it’s time to study the habits of irresistible people so that you can use them to your benefit…..

They think about other people more than they think about themselves, and they make other people feel liked, respected, understood, and seen. Just remember: the more you focus on others, the more irresistible you’ll be.


So this guy uses his time to become more irresistible to others. It’s no wonder that the most popular articles on the web are tips on how to get along with others, or other social issues rather than pure politics and business, though I suppose that being attractive to others is important in business which may be why this guy at the bank was actually working to improve himself in his personal and business life.

What do you look at when standing in line trying to kill time?



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