Hear Me Out: Biden's Impeachment Shouldn't Be the GOP's Focus

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Now before you flame me in the comments as an impeachment wimp, Dear Reader, let me preface this by saying as a conservative American voter, I want the despicable and traitorous Joseph R. Biden to be impeached as much as the next guy. I’m pleased that the official Biden impeachment inquiry is finally going ahead. It’s right and good that it’s being done even after all this time.


But the inquiry shouldn’t automatically lead to calls for impeachment unless more direct, damning, and personal evidence is found against Biden, and here’s why: this isn’t the most strategic time to hold the impeachment itself if the inquiry turns up no direct evidence or even simply more circumstantial evidence because it will fail. If GOP leadership bends to the pressure to impeach with weak evidence, it would be a major tactical error for the 2024 election, prompting complacent Democratic voters to become energized.

Hear me out.

As if it wasn’t enough, there’s more at stake with impeachment than the safety and stability of the republic and mitigating the damage Biden has done; there’s also the timing of Election 2024 to consider. If 2020 taught us anything, it taught us the Democrats will turn out if they’re angry and afraid enough “for muh democracy.” So why wouldn’t Biden’s sycophantic voters be more likely to come out en masse infuriated by a weak and “unfair” attack on their Dear Decrepit Leader?

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I can hear some readers crying, “But they impeached President Trump twice. We have to do the same!” As PJ Media’s Rick Moran pointed out for our VIP members, “Trump’s impeachments were initiated to embarrass the president and damage his reputation in the eyes of the public”; however, that’s not exactly the case with Biden. No amount of weak evidence will influence Dem voters to abandon Biden. The Dems understand the value of fear and hatred. They also had the numbers to impeach Trump as numerous GOP defectors joined them. Can we say the same? No, we can’t.


Sadly, any impeachment is doomed to failure because the currently available evidence is weak, so “there’s no chance of conviction, [with] the impeachment inquiry [becoming] a political exercise — much like both Trump impeachments that had no chance in hell of resulting in Trump being kicked out of office.” With failure, Biden remains in office, and the left is energized.

It’s clear that the path to victory in 2024 is not giving the Dems a reason to turn out.

Don’t get me wrong: we all want Lyin’ Joe Biden impeached, but what the GOP doesn’t need is for this to end up being not only a giant waste of taxpayer money but a liability in 2024. The sad truth is that the way things stand, the GOP doesn’t have the votes needed to impeach. It will take a handful of defectors in the House and the Senate to turn this impeachment into a colossal GOP mistake, a mistake that the Dems will use nonstop against us for the next year and a half.

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It would be nice to think we live in a world where the good guys always win, but we don’t. And if 2020 taught us not to piss off the Left just before an election, it also taught us that GOP voters aren’t the only voters who matter. The GOP can’t afford to alienate the fence-sitting independents and persuadable Dems with a failed impeachment that won’t lead to a GOP victory; if anything, it will lead to larger Dem turnout by turning off the fence-sitters.


Take a look at how quickly the Left gave the legacy media and its acolytes their marching orders to ridicule the impeachment inquiry. Those unsurprising orders were to attack and deride the GOP’s attempt at impeachment as weak and baseless. Do we really think these people won’t viciously use a failed impeachment against us?

As in 2020, the Dems continue to play a game of voter turnout while the GOP misreads them and plays a game of doing what’s right — and that game and its rules no longer apply. Unfortunately, we are up against a ruthless foe who plays not by truth and law but by the ends justifying the means. They will do whatever it takes to turn out their voters; therefore, it’s pointless for the GOP to waste valuable political capital on an impeachment trying to rally sections of the GOP (looking at you NeverTrumpers and RINOs) and the Left who will never vote for us.

If the GOP doesn’t find strong new evidence in the impeachment inquiry, it should let the Democratic Party eff up 2024 on its own. We shouldn’t do it for the Democrats. Let them keep touting the “successes” of Biden. The people know he’s lying simply by looking at their empty wallets, rising prices, and mounting credit card debt. The GOP should make September 2023 until November 2024 about nothing except the actual provable failures of feckless Joe Biden and his administration.


We shouldn’t focus on alleged crimes (even if we believe he’s committed every single one of them) with weak evidence. Don’t forget that most normies (people who don’t track politics like you or me) don’t know what Joe Biden’s allegedly done because legacy media hasn’t told them. Normies do, however, know what a failure Biden has been in their own lives.

In other words, the GOP needs to hammer home the question, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” Of course, they’re not. Focusing on the actual Biden failures that all voters feel in their daily lives is way more favorable to the GOP than focusing on alleged crimes proven with circumstantial and doubtful evidence.

Holding hearings for the public to see is all well and good, but normies don’t get their information by watching hours of CSPAN. They get their information through mainstream media highlights and video snippets on social media platforms that are each designed to push the Left’s narrative and agenda. And let’s not forget that agenda includes keeping Trump out of the White House.

A failed impeachment would make it even harder for former President Trump to win. It will cause the Dems and the feckless Never Trumpers to not only dig their heels in but turn out to vote against him instead of for a better GOP economic vision.

If, in fact, the impeachment inquiry’s deeper subpoena rights lead to hard evidence, we may have the chance to prove that Biden committed actual crimes in front of America and the world. I, for one, will be here calling for the impeachment to commence forthwith. Until then, we have plenty to focus on with the failures that are Bidenomics, uncontrolled illegal immigration, rising crime, unemployment, and so much more.



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