Hey, Mainstream Media, Call It What It Is: The #WaukeshaMassacre

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It’s been four days since black radical and career criminal Darrell Brooks intentionally plowed his SUV into the city of Waukesha’s Christmas parade, killing six and injuring about 60 innocent Americans, but that hasn’t stopped the leftist mainstream media (but I repeat myself) from desperately trying to obscure what really happened Sunday night and who the perpetrator really is.


A simple Google search shows countless examples of MSM outlets like CNN using the deceptive terms “crash” and “parade tragedy“–USA Today (“parade crash“), CBSNews (“parade crash“), NBC News (“deadly crash”), and NPR (“parade crash“)–to describe Brooks’ deliberate rampage as he plowed into and over people along the parade route.

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By Wednesday, fed up with the MSM’s dishonest coverage of the massacre of the innocent by a suspect who doesn’t fit The Narrative, many Twitter users on the right had had enough as #WaukeshaMassacre began to trend nationwide. Twitter explained the hashtag trend this way:  “Discussion has ensued over media reports referring to the deadly Waukesha crash as an accident given that the suspect is being charged with intentional homicide.” Ten it added a warning: “This Trend may contain sensitive content.”

Yes, we do, Benny. If only there were real journalists in the MSM who reported the truth and not the spin. Speaking of spin:

Of course, Brooks wasn’t fleeing from a knife fight or running from the police, as Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson confirmed in a press conference on Monday, but that hasn’t stopped the MSM from spinning it that way. I’m mean, really what could the chief possibly know anyway?


Gee, reading those tweets, you’d think Brooks had a self-driving SUV that simply went of course all by itself or something. Huh, an SUV that only runs over white people,? Man, Ford better get a recall going on that tout suite.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t only those on the right who saw the deception. Hollywood actress Debra Messing also saw it, and much to the chagrin of her fellow leftists she called out the MSM for it:

I’m not sure Messing realizes what she’s actually done here, but it’s certainly going to be entertaining watching the left force her back in line (reeducation camp, perhaps?) or cancel her altogether (hello, OnlyFans).

Even Wikipedia got pulled into the discussion when internet users noticed a Wikipedia page appear titled “2021 Waukesha Christmas parade car crash.”

Thankfully, after #WaukeshaMassacre started to trend, the “car crash” Wiki page was redirected to read, “2021 Waukesha Christmas parade attack.” Score one for the Good Guys–at least for now.


Not to be outdone, Twitter waded in with the “Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy”–you know, as #WaukeshaMassacre was trending. Derp.:

Frankly, I’m more surprised Twitter used “Christmas” instead of “Holiday” in its mislabeling of the massacre. The real question, however, is why would the MSM misrepresent or altogether ignore the #WaukeshaMassacre in the first place? It’s The Narrative, silly, otherwise known as the only reason the left does anything.

Surely with six Americans dead and up to 60 injured, our intrepid president has given a statement of support for the victims and a condemnation of the suspect, right? Um, nope. Not even close.

So far Biden has not given a statement on the massacre since he acknowledged that his staff is “monitoring the ‘tragic’ Waukesha parade incident” in a comment at an unrelated press conference on Monday—which was three days ago. What a leader we have. Clearly, Biden respects The Narrative more than he respects Americans.


This shouldn’t be a left or right issue. All Americans should want the media to report fairly and accurately. This one isn’t even that hard: A black man who was a recently released criminal with a 50-page rap sheet intentionally drove his 4,000-lb SUV into and over innocent people, killing six white people and injuring about 60 others. Enough is enough, MSM. Call it what it is: It’s the #WaukeshaMassacre.


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