Whitehouse's Absurd Attack on Alito Is Another Democrat Attack on the Constitution

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Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) has now made himself the point man to take revenge on Justice Sam Alito for overturning Roe v. Wade and authoring the Dobbs decision. This self-appointed czar of Supreme Court ethics has written a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts complaining about Alito’s ethics.


Whitehouse, an old Yankee trust-fund baby and a descendent of Plymouth Colony Puritans, is trying to play the ethical purity card against Alito, the New Jersey son of an Italian immigrant from Calabria. It should be interesting. A battle as old as the country is brewing, a classic struggle between old nose-in-the-air money trying to shut up those nose-to-the-grindstone children of immigrants who don’t know their place.

In his usual blowhard way, the posturing Whitehouse sent a lengthy, whining letter making an ethics complaint to Chief Justice John Roberts. “I write to lodge an ethics complaint regarding recent public comments by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, which appear to violate several canons of judicial ethics, including standards the Supreme Court has long applied to itself.”

Whitehouse complains that Alito gave an interview with the Wall Street Journal, directly rejecting the crusade to place the judicial branch under the direct supervision of the legislative branch in general and Whitehouse’s committee in particular.  Whitehouse says, “During the interview, Justice Alito stated that ‘[n]o provision in the Constitution gives [Congress] the authority to regulate the Supreme Court—period.’”

Poor Sheldon. He wants to create an election-year issue to demonize Republican appointees on the Supreme Court. He expected Alito to stand by and take it like a department store dummy. Instead, Alito told him to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine — in polite legal jargon, of course. How unethical. Not something that Whitehouse would hear at the yacht and beach club he sometimes goes to with family members, which caused such a “lack of diversity” hubbub a few years ago.


The question remains. Is it unethical to defend the Supreme Court’s independence from legal nitwits like Whitehouse, who want it to be a leftist super-legislature?

Whitehouse’s complaint is pure politics devoid of content despite the five pages of legal mumbo jumbo he supplies to dress it up in judicial satin and lace.

He pulled the same stunt during the Amy Coney Barrett nomination with his endless rant and posterboard displays about dark money in politics. He discredited his own credibility when he named various Republican political groups but left out the Arabella Advisors, a Democrat $1.2 billion dark money group that had more cash than the Republican and Democrat National Committees combined. For Whitehouse, Democrats are always above reproach because their aims are so lofty. Oh my.

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Yes, this is the same Mr. Ethics who said he didn’t believe the FBI background check on Kavanaugh was honest. The same Mr. Ethics who asked the Department of Justice to investigate Justice Clarence Thomas. It’s funny how Mr. Ethics made zero complaints when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave interviews trashing President Trump.

In other words, Whitehouse is a political hack. He will use any stick to beat a dog, whether that dog’s name is Alito, Thomas, Kavanaugh, or Barrett. He is not a serious man, and his arguments should be seen as the political double talk they really are.


This is one more reminder that despite how often they whine about President Trump not accepting defeat, pro-abortion politicians are the sorest of sore losers. They will do almost anything to punish those who caused them to lose when it comes to their favorite thing — aborting babies. When it comes to abortion, it is the devil take the hindmost. There is no tradition that can’t be broken, no blow that is too low.

This is typical of the totalitarian tendencies of the left. They want to obliterate the separation of powers. All the reigns of power must be united in their hands so the country can march in lockstep to their favorite song, We Shall Overreach.

Democrats have put a bull’s-eye on the independence of the Supreme Court. Republicans need to join Alito and push back on this attempt to undermine the Constitution. They need to fight as if our freedom depended on it because it does.



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