Pro-Hamas Wisconsin Students Heil Hitler During Protests

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Yes, you read the headline correctly.

Students at the University of Wisconsin are the latest bunch of college kids camping on school grounds to declare support for Hamas as they fight Israel, and apparently, they really did start saying "Heil Hitler" at a group of Jewish students passing by.


Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) attorney Skylar Croy also posted a video of the protesters doing a call-and-refrain chant of, "There is only one solution, intifada revolution."

That's actually not a new one, as other pro-Hamas crazies have used it before, most recently the ones at the University of Southern California (USC), as my friend Victoria Taft detailed a few days ago.

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Previous instances include the interruption of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in November, and an August 2021 incident, long before the horrific violence of October 7, where pro-Hamas people chanted the phrase during a demonstration in Brooklyn.

Still, these Wisconsin students doing that chant right after supposedly saying "Heil Hitler" was what WILL President Rick Esenberg called "fairly ominous" after reposting Croy's video, noting the irony in the same kids being the first to call conservatives Nazis.


You think, sir?

If this does not demonstrate that leftism has come full circle, I do not know what will.

Then again, these pro-Hamas people stinking up college campuses more than usual have not exactly been subtle in their antisemitism, as one Khymani James, a Columbia student, recently came under fire for saying that "Zionists do not deserve to live” with the sort of calm and matter-of-fact tone only a maniac calling for genocide can. But don't worry, he is sorry now and just wants to be elected to Congress one day, even though he similarly said he hates white people on top of hating Jews.

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Another student supposedly referred to pro-Israel counter-protesters as "Al-Qasam's next targets," referring to Hamas's armed wing, and others supposedly told the Jewish kids to "go back to Europe." Others openly said they "love Hamas," supporting "their rockets," and were happily calling for Tel Aviv to be burned to the ground.

Why do you think Rabbi Elie Beuchler, a member of the Columbia faculty, told Jewish students to stay away from the campus for their own safety?


I have said before that the flavor of the election-year riots we can expect this summer will involve pro-Hamas maniacs, but at this rate, it may be more accurate to say we will be seeing overtly violent pogroms right here in America.

And as my friend and PJ Media's resident funnyman Kevin Downey Jr. said, imagine what people who are openly bloodthirsty antisemites are capable of doing if they got the green light, compared to the "ordinary men" of Police Battalion 101 under the same Hitler those Wisconsin students supposedly hailed.


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