Hillary Taps 68-Year-Old Hysteria Monger Gore for Millennial Outreach

This is just sad.

Former Vice President Al Gore will hit the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton in the coming weeks, two senior Democrats sources told CNN on Tuesday.

Democrats are hoping that Gore, who served with Clinton's husband during his administration, can help the Democratic presidential nominee appeal to millennial voters who are concerned about climate change.

With polls suggesting that third-party candidates including Gary Johnson and Jill Stein could potentially tip the election to Donald Trump if the final vote is close, Democrats are hoping that Gore can make the case that voting for an alternative candidate can have lasting consequences -- a not so subtle reminder that Green Party candidate Ralph Nader may have tipped Florida from Gore to George W. Bush in 2000.

Clinton has struggled in recent polls with the millennial voter demographic, whose voters appear disproportionately open to backing Stein or Johnson. A Quinnipiac survey out last month found that 44% of voters 18-34 said they would vote one of those two third-party hopefuls.

Scenario: You're the Democrat nominee for president, in an election people say you should win easily, largely because they think the Republican nominee is stupid and scary. The problem is that you're not winning easily and are having a real difficult time connecting with people who aren't old enough to remember when MTV played music videos. What do you do?

Naturally, you reach out for an assist from the last Democrat nominee who lost to a Republican everyone thought he could easily beat because they believed that Republican was stupid and scary.

I've recently begun to refer to the Democrats as the "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" party because they are so good at erasing their memories when it's convenient to do so. Team Clinton is obviously focusing on Gore's popularity as a professional climate fear hustler and blocking out the fact that he's essentially a mush-mouthed sleep aid on the campaign trail. Ralph Nader didn't tip voters from Gore to Bush in 2000, Gore's glaring lack of a personality did.