Well, here is the book!

But before you sell your children for medical experiments to stock up on some winter reading, please read these caveats:

I’m going through PayPal until about December 7th in order to make sure that Christmas orders will be filled on time. After that, it will be available at Ingram, then Barnes & Noble a week later, and finally Amazon two weeks after that.


The PayPal Shopping cart is…uh…tempermental.

When you click on the “Click here to buy SILENT AMERICA” button below, you will go to a shopping cart. Be sure to enter the correct quantity in the left hand box, and enter UPDATE CART so that you are not charged for more than one. (It reads old PayPal cookies, so please be sure the number you want is correct.)

You DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to buy the book with a Credit Card. However, make sure you pull down the correct card type when you get to the credit card screen, or you won’t get the V-Code (3-digit) field — and you can’t go on without it. You’ll be stuck there forever and never come visit me again. (Thanks PayPal!)

Finally, for some reason, the Eject! Eject! Eject! banner is not loading correctly on the first page, but does GREAT on all subsequent pages. Why? I don’t know. PayPal customer support doesn’t know either. The tech people will be in on Monday.

With all that said, it’s not all that hard! I just don’t want any troubles with this early start.

The last thing I need to advise you of is that once you complete your order, your name will be entered in the print que. I get the proof on Tuesday, and orders should start printing on the following Monday. Shipping is 5 day UPS ground.


Also — very important — THIS PAYPAL PRESALE CANNOT SHIP TO P.O.BOXES! (If you have already ordered with a P.O.Box, I will e-mail you to see whether to arrange a shipping address or a refund.) (Refund?! REFUND!!??)

All of these hiccups will go away once the book becomes available with online booksellers, probably end of the first week in December.

And for all of you too-kind people who have asked for autographed copies, I blame you for me not being able to fly any more, since the weight of my head now exceeds that of the capacity of all but the largest cargo planes. We will be doing signed hardcopies, but that is several weeks downstream.

With all of this nonsense out of the way, I now declare these Games officially opened!


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