Silicon Valley Adds a New Dimension to Hollywood


By Scott Budman

It’s been said -lots of times- that the Silicon Valley will innovate itself out of the recession. If Jeffrey Katzenberg has his way, he’ll innovate you off your couch, and back into the movie theatre.

I just finished watching a preview of “Monsters vs Aliens ” the DreamWorks Animation film due out March 27. It looks great, as all animated films from the Silicon Valley do, but this one comes with glasses. Featuring something called “Intru 3D,” “Monsters” was made by DWA, with a big high-tech boost from Intel and Hewlett-Packard. The three Silicon Valley stalwarts combined to literally make those of us at the screening move in our seats, and reach for stuff flying off the screen.

Katzenberg (who makes piles of money on home DVD sales, by the way), says he wants to make going to the movie theater fun. For an extra five dollars, you, too, will be able to catch “Monsters” as they fly at you.

Worth it? Katzenberg admits the current economy makes something new like this a risk. But personally, my young kids are growing up with Shrek a mere arm’s length away, all day long. It’s worth it to me to show them that going TO the movies is something special.