Dawn Patrol: Apple Stores Target of DRM Protests; Despite Economic Malaise, VCs Still Raking in the Dough

Is the Genius Bar the New Woolworth’s Counter?

In an act of nonviolent protest against Apple’s digital rights management practices, Defective by Design, the activist arm of the Free Software Foundation, is asking adherents to make fake bookings of the Genius Bar customer service personnel at all 217 Apple Stores around the globe.  The idea is to tie up the service and to slide in a little leafleting to boot.  More


Even without IPOs, Venture Capital Continues to Outperform Other Investments  

A new report from the National Venture Capital Association shows that despite the tough economy, investments by VC firms continue to outperform all public markets.   

“The IPO market has now been essentially shutdown for venture-backed companies for over seven months.  Combined with a skittish M&A market, shorter term returns area and will continue to be impacted, ” said Mark Heesen, president of the NVCA.  “”That said, our asset class continues to out perform many other investment alternatives including the public markets over the long term..” More


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