Ed Driscoll

Why Yes, I am Insta-Posting These Days

I know there are some regular readers of PJM who don’t also frequently scan Instapundit.com to get the latest headlines. If you’re one of them and wondering where I’ve been lately, I’m over there posting links to breaking stories. Ed Driscoll.com was one of many blogs that started in the wake of 9/11 inspired by Glenn Reynolds’ early use of blogging software to aggregate news, and when, after his recent vacation, Glenn asked his regular co-bloggers to stay on posting, I was happy to take up the call.


As you’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, my wife has been running our regular series on our planned escape from the policies of Sacramento  to Texas, and I’ll keep using this space for longer articles, podcasts, interviews, etc. But until Glenn and/or the Powers That Be at PJM come to their senses, you can catch me every day at Instapundit. (And also on Twitter – follow me here.)

As someone once said, read the whole thing.

(And if you can make plans to be in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in December, you’re invited to hang out with Glenn, Roger L. Simon, Steve Green, Dana Loesch, Ed Morrissey, Kevin D. Williamson, Mark Rippetoe — and me, by attending here.)

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