February 9, 2016

AUSTIN BAY: Hillary’s National Security Crime Needs a Special Prosecutor: Clinton’s calculated criminality undermines the law that sustains a free nation. “News cycle-driven Democrats swear Republican conspirators invented the so-called email scandal. Balderdash. This is a national security scandal with major implications. . . . Terrorists and rogue states are deadly threats. Effective diplomacy and reliable intelligence collection and assessment are our first lines of defense against both. Effective diplomacy and reliable intel require institutionally and legally protecting secrets—ie: classified information. Protection includes protecting reliable intelligence sources, from satellites to flesh and blood human spies.”

Hillary, remember, undermined this in order to avoid accountability for shady deals involving the Clinton Foundation and other forms of influence-peddling. Her actions were illegal, and her motives were corrupt.

WHEN OIKOPHOBIA MEETS XENOPHILIA: Asylum seekers given priority for hospital visits: An admission by Austrian health officials that asylum seekers have been given priority for hospital visits has been greeted by angry reaction. It’s coming as quite a shock to many people to realize that those who govern them feel no particular loyalty towards them.

NO. NEXT QUESTION? Is There A Libertarian Case For Bernie Sanders?

After the debacle that was “Obamatarianism” in 2008, libertarians may need to realize that they often feel culturally closer to the left, but that’s an artifact of the left’s control of culture, and doesn’t represent any actual commonality with a cause that has nothing to do with liberty.

SHOCKER: Maine Required Childless Adults to Work to Get Food Stamps. Here’s What Happened. “In the first three months after Maine’s work policy went into effect, its caseload of able-bodied adults without dependents plummeted by 80 percent, falling from 13,332 recipients in Dec. 2014 to 2,678 in March 2015. This rapid drop in welfare dependence has a historical precedent: When work requirements were established in the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program in the 1990s, nationwide caseloads dropped by almost as much, albeit over a few years rather than a few months.”

RICHARD EPSTEIN: The Flint Fiasco. “After the initial decision to switch Flint’s water service to KWA, there were signs that the discolored water was poisoned. But federal, local, and state officials were slow to remedy the situation. . . . In the midst of the just denunciation of the many public officials who shared responsibility for the damage, its deeper structural cause has generally been overlooked: Flint residents are also the victims of government arrogance and massive misallocation of resources.” It’s as if government officials care more about their own welfare than anyone else’s.

IN THE MAIL: From Lois McMaster Bujold, Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1006.


Michael Moroz is the son of Soviet immigrants. I interviewed Michael’s mother, who told me that they left there because they wanted their son to be able to grow up with freedom. Freedom to speak his mind without concern that saying the wrong thing would mean that the state would come down on him. She believed our marketing materials for “The American Way.”

She now believes that America did not come as advertised.

Michael is a high school student at Central High School in Philadelphia, and is also the managing editor of his high school newspaper, “The Centralizer.” He recently wrote an article called “A Case of Overreaction,” which criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

I didn’t particularly agree with the article, but I found it to be well written and well presented. It was originally printed alongside an article that supported the BLM movement. Two opposing points of view, presented to the reader – who is left to decide which is more persuasive. This was the marketplace of ideas in action.

But, the Regressive Left does not want debate. The Regressive Left does not want, nor tolerate, a marketplace of ideas. The Regressive Left leaves no room for dissent. The Regressive Left does not want a free press, just public relations for them. You’re either with them, or you’re “a racist.”

Michael’s fellow students took to social media to try and convict him, all in one movement, of his treasonous thoughtcrimes. They posted that someone ought to shoot him. There were calls that he must be “dealt with.” One wrote that “[he thinks] his white privilege will keep him from getting ‘popped.’” Even an alumnus proudly wrote, “Black students at Central will handle their business.”

Michael’s fellow editors then censored his article, “If an article comes across as insensitive, and the Central community would rather have it taken down because of this, then the article will be taken down.” Remember, only Moroz’s article was censored for being “insensitive.” Meanwhile, the counterpoint – the “politically correct” perspective was not. Enter the state — administrators backed the decision. (source)

One would expect that the principal would clamp down on threats of violence against a student in his care. After all, if we condone censorship in the name of “sensitivity”, then certainly we would do the same when calling for the boy’s safety to be compromised. One would perhaps expect the Principal to even call for a “safe space” for a minority view like Michael’s to be able to flourish – even if only to be rejected.

Read the whole thing. In a school system where socialist “justice” prevails, it’s a safe bet that much of the dark history of socialism is forgotten. Just ask these young Philadelphia-area skulls full of mush, as a much more rigorous educator from a more civilized era might describe them:

IT WOULD BE EASIER TO OUTLINE WHAT THEY’VE GOTTEN RIGHT: The RNC’s 2012 Autopsy Was Wrong. “The RNC report’s advocacy for a path to citizenship was a slap in the face to those Republicans who had long been angry about illegal immigration. Businesses big and small made the decision to employ illegal immigrants in violation of the law. A generation of Washington politicians responded with a tacit shrug, even after 9/11. That same generation of politicians, running a government infrastructure capable of reading all of our e-mails and vacuuming up the metadata from all of our cell phones, didn’t seem to care that millions of visitors had overstayed their visas and disappeared from the system. Local governments that will nail you for an expired parking meter announced they were ‘sanctuary cities’ and would no longer cooperate with federal efforts to deport those here illegally. And Immigration and Customs Enforcement, charged with leading those efforts, botched its most basic duties.”

And that disregard for the rule of law, and poisonously obvious desire to dissolve the people and elect another, is what’s creating the anger.

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Blue Model Blues: Adjuncts Rising, Rising, Rising.

Preston Cooper of Economics 21 points us to a new NBER paper that confirms and quantifies in detail what higher education watchers have been saying for some time: Colleges can’t afford to hire enough full-time faculty to educate their growing student populations, and are increasingly turning to low paid, disposable adjuncts to make up for it. . . .

Cooper suggests one reason for the adjunct explosion is the free-flowing federal student loan spigot, which is pushing more students into the university system and therefore incentivizing schools to increase their teaching capacity at the lowest possible cost. We would also add that the tenure-for-life model demanded by the professors’ guild probably limits the ability of universities to move resources around and slows down turnover among the professoriate. The federal monopoly on college accreditation props up this system by stifling competition, even as the proliferation of obscure fields of study (especially in the social sciences) creates a constant supply of newly minted PhD’s desperate for academic jobs.

The ultimate result of all of this is inequality and exploitation: Administrator salaries go up, adjuncts face increasingly alarming economic insecurity, and the quality of education at lower-tier schools continues to be undermined even as the top colleges have access to almost unlimited resources. In other words, even the most leftwing institutions in the country can’t afford to put egalitarian, blue-model ideals into practice. Like all decaying blue institutions, the university still serves insiders (college presidents, professors with tenure, students at Yale) quite well, even as outsiders (adjunct faculty, students who took out loans to go to lower-tiered schools) struggle.

What’s causing this higher education crisis is not evil conservatives. It’s the fact that the blue model of higher education, complete with regulation, subsidies, and professional guilds, is simply no longer workable or affordable.

But don’t expect the insiders to change until they’re forced.

THE RIOT IN THE ACADEMY: “It’s really scary that values other than truth have become sacred.  And what I keep trying to say – this comes right out of my book The Righteous Mind – is that you can’t have two sacred values.  Because what do you do when they conflict?  And in the academy now, if truth conflicts with social justice, truth gets thrown under the bus.”

At least until the grownups return to clean up the mess.

CHRISTOPHER WALKER: (Incrementally) Toward a More Libertarian Bureaucracy.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: “The Left Has Two Huge Advantages, and I Have No Idea How We Overcome Them

WHAT ARE NEW YORK OFFICIALS HIDING ABOUT THE FAILURE OF THE BIGGEST OBAMACARE CO-OP? Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has been all over the 23 Obamacare co-ops established in 2011 at a cost of $2 billion since their inception. Health Republic, the largest of the tax-funded health insurance co-ops intended to compete with for-profit commercial health insurers, has been a particular Pollock focus because founder Sara Horowitz is a long-time political ally of President Obama. Horowitz got $355 million for Health Republic, plus $109 million for the New Jersey operation and $60.6 million for the Oregon co-op.

When Health Republic failed last Fall, it left 210,000 New Yorkers scrambling for new coverage during the holiday season. Pollock has been after documents explaining why the co-op failed but has run into brick walls. The latest one is a rejection by the New York Department of Financial Services. Doctors and hospitals in the Empire State could lose nearly $300 million in unpaid bills for services rendered to Health Republic policyholders. The DFS was established in 2011 by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. One of his political proteges ran DFS until last May when he abruptly resigned. The stench here is getting stronger.

ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Does America Need More Hitler Humor?

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN, OCCASIONED BY THE 1000th DAY OF THE IRS SCANDAL: Washington’s culture of corruption rots on: When bureaucrats are above the law, ordinary Americans may want to follow suit.

DON’T ALL YOUNG PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY IN THE HUNGER GAMES? 13 Reasons Millennials Should Vote FOR Bernie Sanders.

Related: “Where the girls aren’t.”

WE’VE NOTICED, BILL: Bill Stumping for Hillary Clinton: ‘Sometimes … I Wish We Weren’t Married.’

JUSTICE: The Hill: Loretta Lynch’s Camapaign Donations Raise Concerns.


In 1970, Richard Nixon established the President’s Commission on Campus Unrest, which came to be known by the last name of its chairman, former Pennsylvania governor William Scranton. In the wake of the killings of four protesters at Kent State University in Ohio and two at Jackson State University in Mississippi, the administration thought it necessary to investigate campus unrest and offer guidance to universities and the public on what to do about it… Despite the seriousness of the problems back then — or perhaps because of it — the Scranton Report exudes a calm confidence, the sense that level-headed people from different sides of an issue can get together to investigate a problem and arrive at a solution.

Of course, that argues that the left seeks solutions to problems, when in reality, keeping issues (and voters) inflamed helps them to consolidate and grow their power.

Read the whole thing.

Related: Meanwhile back in 2016, “Inside the academic guilt machine” — “The Gestalt of Guilt.”



* For the first — and very likely last — time ever, the person I’d really like to hear discuss Fonda’s comments is Naomi Wolf.

WELL, THE DEMOCRATS SEEM TO WANT TO MAKE THIS ELECTION ABOUT GUN CONTROL: NRA to spend ‘significantly more’ fighting Clinton/Sanders, over $20M.

Supporters of the Second Amendment are declaring the 2016 the most critical to their rights because it is likely that the next president will appoint four new U.S. Supreme Court justices, warned the president of the National Rifle Association.

“In my view, all the chips are on the table in this election because the impact is who gets the Supreme Court,” said the NRA’s chief, Allan D. Cors.

Cors, in an interview with Secrets on the opening day of the annual Great American Outdoor Show here, the nation’s biggest, described Democratic frontrunner Hillary Rodham Clinton as passionately anti-gun and ready to change the makeup of the court and unleash the Justice Department and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on gun owners and limit imports through State Department rules.

“All of these things fall with whoever is president,” said Cors.

Indeed they do.

FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED: St. Louis usurps Detroit to become most violent city in the US: Gateway City is worst for rape, robbery aggravated assault and murder according to FBI data.

Say, what’s missing from this story? Oh yeah!


The problem in both Europe and the United States is not just a huge influx of migrants, but a lack of political leadership. The exceptions are Barack Obama here and Angela Merkel in Germany. Merkel showed extraordinary leadership in allowing about 1 million Syrian migrants to settle in Germany. Obama has been stingy in his welcome — about 2,500 migrants had arrived in the United States as of late last year — but he has been generous in his embrace of the Muslim community. Trump, characteristically, mischaracterized the president’s recent visit to a mosque, saying he had gone to apologize. For Trump, no lie is too low.

What both the United States and Europe need now are more leaders who know how to say, “Hold on a minute. Let’s work this out.” Instead, we get calls for mass deportations, closing borders, confiscation of wealth. In Europe, Hungary has veered right and turned ugly. Poland is leaning that way. France is showing a little Vichy, and Germany is shivering with second thoughts.

More Obama and more Merkel = more gasoline.

THIS IS CNN: Under Sanders, income and jobs would soar, economist says.

Well, CNN got the headline it wanted; buried in the article are the minor details that “Gerald Friedman, a University of Massachusetts Amherst economics professor…believes in democratic socialism like the candidate.” Friedman’s “analysis” wasn’t “commissioned by the candidate, though Sanders’ policy director called it ‘outstanding work.’”

I’m sure Sanders, like Obama before him, appreciates the ability for CNN to run what is essentially a campaign press release; Friedman routinely cranks out fanboy-style articles in support of Bernie. Though unspoken in this article is the question: why didn’t Obama, whom CNN wrecked whatever was left of its reputation to champion, implement this model, particularly in his first two years, when his party controlled both houses of Congress?

Related: CNN’s Anderson Cooper “Jokes Clinton Campaign Like Struggling Cable TV News Show.”

Well, he certainly has plenty of experience with that issue.

PUNCHING BACK TWICE AS HARD: Christie Reminds Stephanopoulos of His History as Dem ‘Operative.’

Why doesn’t every Republican Stephanopoulos interviews work into the on-air conversation that he’s a Democrat operative with a byline?


Related: Chris Matthews’ ‘kiss up session’ with Donald Trump rates 3 lipstick emoji.


GLASS CEILING: “Bernie Sanders Suddenly Looking and Sounding Like a Front-Runner

ROLL CALL: Bernie Sanders as GOP Tool: Their Plan to Use Him Against Democrats.

Sen. Bernard Sanders’ surprisingly strong candidacy for president has laid bare a sharp division within the Democratic coalition, pitting its activist base against the moderate-minded establishment.

It’s a split Republicans — especially the ones focused on winning down-ballot races this fall — are now racing to exploit.

The GOP is betting that the ideological fight at the top of the Democratic ticket will filter down the ballot, exposing incumbents and establishment-favored candidates to thorny questions about their support — or lack thereof — of the self-described socialist and his polarizing agenda. The idea: Either candidates disavow support for the Vermont senator and alienate supposed progressive allies, or they embrace Sanders and suffer the consequences in November when Republicans tie them to politically problematic issues such as single-payer health care. In effect, it mirrors the approach Democrats have taken in recent presidential elections, when they have successfully tied Republican candidates to the sometimes damaging positions of their party’s standard-bearer.

The strategy has special resonance now, after Sanders’s unexpectedly strong second-place showing in the Iowa caucuses. And for a party whose candidates have been relentlessly pressed for months about Donald Trump, there’s a palpable sense of relief and delight in giving Democrats a presidential headache of their own — one they hope lasts beyond even Sanders’s White House bid.

The Democrats’ problems have been underplayed.

SNOWFALLS ARE NOW JUST A THING OF THE PAST: Governors Chortle as Snowy Primary Looms.

THE MAN FROM GOPe: ‘Lost his damn mind?’ Jeb! says he’d ‘eliminate’ Citizens United ruling. “Which one of you made the Jeb logo with the flaccid exclamation point? [Because] now would be a good time to pull it out.”

Related: Or perhaps now would be a good time for Jeb to pull out: “Bush: ‘I will not blame Barack Obama for a single thing.’”

BLUE ON BLUE: Clinton attacks on Sanders make Dems nervous.

Hillary Clinton’s White House campaign is going negative against her left-wing rival Bernie Sanders — and a lot of unaligned Democrats think that’s a bad idea.

Her husband, former President Clinton, is leading the charge, hitting Sanders supporters as sexist on Sunday while accusing the Vermont senator of muddying facts.

The attacks come as Hillary Clinton faces a defeat — perhaps a heavy one — in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, according to opinion polls.

Clinton barely defeated Sanders in last week’s Iowa caucuses, and Monday brought rumblings of a possible staff shake-up.

The shift by the Clinton team to a more aggressive footing evoked memories for some of her 2008 campaign against Barack Obama, when Bill Clinton and other surrogates mounted attacks that were widely seen as counter-productive.

Clinton supporters worry that history might be repeating itself, and that the former president’s attacks could boomerang on his wife by turning off large swathes of the Democratic electorate.

“I know what’s happening: He is just pissed off,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon. “He hears the attacks. He saw how close things were in Iowa and he thinks they’re 20 points or whatever down in New Hampshire, so he blows up.

“When he speaks reasonably and in the true Clinton style, he is very effective,” Bannon added. “But when he goes crazy because he’s pissed off about the thing, that hurts her.”

Bill Clinton’s aggressiveness, those in the orbit of the Clintons say, is rooted in at least two factors.

First of all, the former president has believed for some time that the campaign has not been vigorous enough in countering Sanders’s populist rhetoric.

Secondly, Bill Clinton was conspicuously unhappy with the Iowa result, allies maintain — despite the campaign’s desire to put a brave face on the outcome and Hillary Clinton’s remark on caucus night that she was breathing a sigh of relief.

One ally said Bill Clinton was “peeved”; another, more colorfully, described his mood as “rip shit.”

Or something that rhymes with that.


“Hillary’s race against time.”
—Headline, Salon, March 12, 2008.

“It’s almost over for Hillary: This election is a mass insurrection against a rigged system.”
—Headline, Salon, this past Sunday.


QUESTIONS NOBODY IS ASKING: “Does America Need More Hitler Humor?”

Still though, give the Atlantic some credit for consistency;  in an item published there in 2007, the year before Andrew Sullivan discovered his true calling as America’s foremost uterus detective, the excitable one wrote a blog post whose headline described GWB as “The Weimar President.” As I asked at the time in response, “I can only guess that Andrew believes that President Bush is an elderly figurehead leading a weakened but relatively benign quasi-socialist administration suffering the ravages of hyper-inflation and that Hillary, Obama or whoever his successor is, is the next Hitler, about to install a terribly malevolent war machine and concurrent massive welfare state?”

Glad to see that the Atlantic is keeping the theme rolling as another socialist with aspirations of nationalizing the economy is rising in the polls.



In many cases, consistency is a very good commodity in a politician; but not when it involves consistently sucking at retail politics.


Whatever would give him that impression?

isis climate change cartoon

NEO-CALIGULA! NEXT UP A WAR WITH NEPTUNE: Pentagon orders commanders to prioritize climate change in all military actions.

FASTER PLEASE:  Focus: New Form of Carbon Stores Lots of Gas.

DIVE, DIVE, DIVE: Fed May Lack Legal Authority for Negative Rates: 2010 Memo.

DAVID SOLWAY: The Necessity of The Donald.

UM…. Obama may be Ensnared in the Clinton Email Scandal.

MIDNIGHT DIXVILLE NOTCH VOTE: Bernie Shuts Out Hillary, Kasich Tops GOPs.

GOOD QUESTION: My Security Question for the NFL & Its Players.

PROFITING FROM CREATING DIVISION, DISSENSION AND LICKING DOORKNOBS: The Doorknob Chronicles of Dan Savage.  I don’t think young gay people should be forced to stay in the closet, but I also think the “opinion leaders” we aim at these poor kids are more often than not insane.  Wait, all our “leaders” are insane.  Worst political/celebrity/opinion class ever!

WELL FOR STARTERS, NIXON WAS COMPETENT: Trump, Clinton, Obama actually make Nixon look good.

NARAL EXPOSES ITSELF AS DISRESPECTING THE RIGHT TO CHOICE: Choice of speech and expression. Doritos baby commercial gets the dumbest denunciation ever.

Count it the dumbest denunciation ever: NARAL, formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League, slamming a Super Bowl ad for “humanizing fetuses.”
If they weren’t human, folks, abortion wouldn’t be controversial.

NO, BUT DO WE HAVE A CHOICE? Can The Economy Take Another Obama Punt Gun Blast?


February 8, 2016

ONLY NOW, AT THE END, DO THEY UNDERSTAND: Democratic Party bosses finally figure out that Hillary is a toxic candidate.

HENCE THE SMUG CERTAINTY THAT NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HIM: Pharma Bad Boy Martin Shkreli Is a Big Democrat Donor.

SOON TO BE AN AMERICAN HEADLINE AS WELL? Liberals to build refugee camps on seven Canadian military bases — Taxpayers will fund mosques, Korans.

21ST CENTURY RELATIONSHIPS: Uni Girls Joining Website To Meet Rich Men.

NORMALLY, I GET ALL MY ADVICE FROM SUPER BOWL COMMERCIALS: Simple Remedies for Constipation. “Most of the time, relatively simple treatments prove adequate. Even more complex cases, like those that involve a disorder of muscle action in the pelvis, usually respond well to currently available remedies.”

MICHAEL WALSH: FBI Makes It Official: Hillary Rodham Clinton Is Under Investigation.

Or as Iowahawk tweets, “Joe Biden goes to garage, takes cover off his Trans Am.”

OUR RULING CLASS IN A NUTSHELL: Beyonce Sings Anti-Cop Song At Super Bowl… After Getting Highway-Clearing Police Escort.

MY USA TODAY COLUMN, OCCASIONED BY THE 1000th DAY OF THE IRS SCANDAL: Washington’s culture of corruption rots on: When bureaucrats are above the law, ordinary Americans may want to follow suit.


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 9.14.29 AM


Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 9.59.38 PM


Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.42.33 PM

REMEMBER, SOCIAL-JUSTICE WARRIORS ARE THE ANGRY PEASANTS WITH PITCHFORKS, MASQUERADING AS THE VOICES OF MORALITY AND REASON: Elizabeth Nolan Brown: How Maryland ‘Neomasculinity’ Blogger Roosh V Became an International ‘Pro-Rape’ Villain; A case study of collective catharsis through call-out culture and moral panic as meme.

The bottom line, though, is that “not a single woman has been hurt by me,” says Roosh. “I’ve never been accused of rape, I’ve never been charged. No follower of mine has read something of [mine], and then gone on to rape, because I know if they did hurt a woman it’d be all over the news.”

The whole thing calls to mind two more male writers: Matt Taibbi, probably best known for his work at Rolling Stone, and Mark Ames, who now writes for outlets such as Pando. The pair worked together at an English-language newspaper in Russia in the late ’90s and subsequently published a book about the experience called The Exile: Sex, Drugs, and Libel in the New Russia. Within this book, there are scenes of the mostly-male Exile editors sexually harassing their administrative staff—going so far as to tell secretaries they must sleep with them to keep their jobs—and Ames threatening to kill his pregnant Russian girlfriend if she doesn’t get an abortion. The men never claimed it was satire or nonfiction. In explaining, Ames was prone to saying things like “Russian women, especially on the first date, expect you to rape them.”

Despite this, Taibbi and Ames have continued to flourish as leftist writers, and as far as I know no feminist groups or Canadian mayors have tried to prevent either from visiting the country. Perhaps they’re just lucky to have come of age in a different Internet era. Perhaps it helps that their politics and progressive credentials are otherwise right. . . .

As much as we might hate to admit it, Roosh is a journalist. His main site, Return of Kings—one of the hubs of what’s sometimes called the “Manosphere”—and its forums get two million visits per month. As neither Roosh nor any writers or readers of Return of Kings were under suspicion of criminal behavior, it is at the very least bizarre that law-enforcement officials would feel the need to comment and keep an eye on their gathers. And it’s probably the kind of thing we should condemn, those of us interested in freedom of speech, press, movement, and association.

People will object that these groups were “pro-rape” meetups. But outside media misinformation, there was nothing about the proposed happy hours to suggest they had anything to do with rape.

Well, if he were — seriously, not satirically — writing “pro-rape” manifestos in the name of Islam, his right would be zealously protected by the same people who subjected him to a high-tech lynching.

And, meanwhile, Bill Clinton, who has actually been accused of rape, is out campaigning for Hillary.

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO MISSED IT OVER THE WEEKEND, my Georgetown paper on Second Amendment Limitations (and how they’re crumbling) is now online. Download it early and often!


A TALE OF TWO QUARTERBACKS: The vaunted Cam-Peyton quarterback match-up in the Super Bowl didn’t amount to much on the field (the game was all defense), but the contrast was clear after the game. Cam Newton made headlines by abruptly walking out of a press conference after uttering a total of 18 words. Yes, it’s tough to lose, but Peyton Manning endured a much worse defeat in the Super Bowl two years ago (a 43-8 shellacking by the Seattle Seahawks), and look at how he performed after that game (the press conference starts at 2:24).  Manning put on a suit and tie, looked reporters in the eye, answered questions and graciously gave credit to the victors. Earlier this season, when Newton’s team was winning, he too appeared at post-game press conferences in a coat and tie and happily answered questions, but when the going got tough, he showed up in a hoodie and sulked — a performance that one former fan described as Pig Newton.

CAST OUT YOUR DEMONS — CONFESS YOUR SINS! Seven Ways I Used To Be A Toxic Person — And How I Changed My Behavior:

This is not a fun thing to admit, but I used to be a toxic person. In fact, my level of toxicity hurt everyone in my life and drove many people away. I was a master at being selfish and making everything about me — all the time. It made a particularly tough period of my life even harder to deal with, too. I was in the deepest, most depressive phase of binge eating disorder (BED), and I was unhappy with the overall direction my life had taken. But I eventually got the help I needed, and now I’m able to look back and see the repercussions of my toxic behavior without experiencing overwhelming guilt.

Even though this all happened a long time ago, it’s not easy for me to put this information out there.

To place the chronology of that last sentence into perspective, according to her LinkedIn profile, the author served as an intern at the Carter Center in 2010, received her B.A. from Emory in 2011, and her Masters in Theological Studies, Religion and the Social Sciences from Harvard in 2013. Perhaps she simply confused leftism with more traditional religion; it’s been a common mistake for decades. And as Kevin Williamson quips on Twitter, “What this story needs is a big picture of me and a lead about how I got over being self-centered.”


WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING? Evidence Mounts: Minimum Wage Hikes Cost Jobs.

BUT IT WOULD MAKE TOO MUCH SENSE: Pressure on Lynch to Step Aside in Clinton Email Probe.

If the FBI finds sufficient evidence to launch a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton or one of her top aides for mishandling classified information, Lynch’s Justice Department will have to decide whether to press ahead.

Even if no evidence of wrongdoing is found, Clinton’s many critics are unlikely to take the word of an appointee of President Obama’s and will doubt that justice has been served.

Already, top Republicans are calling for a special prosecutor to be brought in and evaluate the situation.

No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn (Texas) took to the floor of the Senate last week to call for a special counsel to be appointed “because of the conflict of interest by asking Attorney General Lynch to investigate and perhaps even prosecute somebody in the Obama administration.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) agrees that Lynch ought to consider a special counsel, a representative said, to reassure the country that decisions are made “without regard to any political considerations.”

The Justice Department, however, has so far declined the request.

“This matter is being reviewed by career attorneys and investigators and does not meet the criteria for the appointment of a special prosecutor,” department spokeswoman Melanie Newman said in a statement. . . .

Maybe this explains why Hillary is “one hundred percent confident” that nothing will come of the FBI investigation.

The current federal regulations relating to the appointment of a special counsel state that the Attorney General “will” appoint a special counsel when:

he or she determines that criminal investigation of a person or matter is warranted and

(a) That investigation or prosecution of that person or matter by a United States Attorney’s Office or litigating Division of the Department of Justice would present a conflict of interest for the Department or other extraordinary circumstances; and
(b) That under the circumstances, it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside Special Counsel to assume responsibility for the matter.
But hey, I’m sure that Lynch can be impartial. After all, just because she received her first appointment as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York thanks to the nomination of then-President Bill Clinton, and her second stint as U.S. Attorney and elevation to AG thanks to President Obama (who told 60 minutes that her use of an unsecured email server did not endanger national security), this doesn’t reasonably suggest that Lynch would feel pressure to deep-six criminal charges against the Democrats’ equivalent of the Queen.
Nothing to see here. Move along.

SHAKEUP AT CAMP CLINTON: “Having learned apparently nothing from her top-heavy, expensive, and ultimately doomed 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton is set for a shakeup just like the one following her first unexpectedly bad Iowa result eight years ago,” Steve Green writes in his PJM Column.

And when Hillary’s lost Politico’s sycophantic Glenn “Badass” Thrush, you know she’s hit an iceberg.

BOX OFFICE POISON: Another Massive Flop for ‘Movie Star’ George Clooney. “We live in a world where the entertainment media pumps up the politically-divisive Clooney up as an actual movie star — as the next Cary Grant, when he is nothing of the kind. Because his politics are correct, people in Hollywood and the Hollywood media love him,” John Nolte writes at Big Hollywood. “Out here in the real world, he’s just another big-mouthed, left-wing actor.”

HOW DONALD TRUMP BROKE THE GOP’S MUSIC CURSE: “Trump is a novel GOP candidate in many ways, but in finally making music work for him, he’s managed to master a problem that has bedeviled the party’s campaigns—from Ronald Reagan 1984 to Michele Bachmann 2012—for decades,” Tevi Troy writes. “Typically—and this problem has plagued the party for more than a generation—a GOP candidate attempting to use a popular song risks receiving a snub from the artist, who not only rejects the candidate but then takes shots at his political stands. Republicans in the past have nearly always kowtowed to the artists’ demands. It’s awkward all around, and it has made GOP candidates gun shy about trying to use pop music at all, let alone inventively—until Trump:”

Legally speaking, this is voluntary: As long as the campaign or the venue has bought a “blanket license,” which is standard practice, it can use any song from the music library of the organization granting the license. (Use of music for campaign commercials is more complicated and typically requires an artist’s permission.) It’s not the law that stops politicians from using certain songs; it’s the embarrassment factor, which has been significant….The difference is that Trump, whose own celebrity eclipses that of a lot of pop musicians, doesn’t seem to care. Rather than back away from using music, he just plows forward.”

Read the whole thing. Since, as Troy writes, GOP candidates have the legal right to use a song they’ve licensed at a campaign event, why don’t more of them push back and have some fun laughing at the rock star getting additional royalties and exposure as Trump is doing?

NEW YORK VALUES: Zillionaire control freak New Yorker boasting of shaking up 2016 primary system.

Not him — or her — the other guy.

I’D BE HAPPY IF I COULD GET IT FROM A CELL TOWER IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD: Google’s planning to deliver super-fast 5G Internet from solar-powered drones. “Google’s been secretly trialling a drove of 5G Internet-compatible drones out in New Mexico that have the potential to transmit gigabits of data every second – that’s 40 times more data than the world’s fastest wireless services. Codenamed Skybender, the project aims to take advantage of high frequency millimetre waves – a specific region on the electromagnetic spectrum that can theoretically transmit data far more efficiently than the frequencies our phones and wireless Internet have well and truly clogged up.”

LORD, MAKE ME VOTE FOR HILLARY — BUT NOT YET: “Bernie Sanders’ Female Supporters Want To Break The Gender Barrier… Just Not Now

“I’m a 65-year-old woman. A Democrat. I’ve always voted Democrat,” said Maryclaire Heffernan, a Sanders supporter from Candia, New Hampshire. “It’s a tough one. I voted for Obama twice. So I’ve already not voted for Hillary once … If Hillary is the nominee I would absolutely support her. However, I am concerned about where we are and think if we don’t think big, we have to stop thinking around the edges or holding the edges in place.”

“I do feel bad about it,” she added, a tinge of pain visible on her face. “And I have dear friends who would kill me for saying that out loud.”

At Sanders’ rallies here in New Hampshire, you meet plenty of women just like Heffernan.

There’s just no denying the hotness of Bernie’s appeal.

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MY USA TODAY COLUMN, OCCASIONED BY THE 1000th DAY OF THE IRS SCANDAL: Washington’s culture of corruption rots on: When bureaucrats are above the law, ordinary Americans may want to follow suit.

RACISM AND SEXISM AT GITHUB: “While their efforts are admirable it is very hard to even interview people who are ‘white’ which makes things challenging.”

Plus: “Some of the biggest barriers to progress are white women.” What is this, the Bernie Sanders campaign?

TOO AWESOME A HEADLINE TO CHECK: “66-Year-Old Man Struck By Lightning While Masturbating To Bible.”

(Via Debby Witt.)

PASS THE POPCORN: “Accused Rapist Bill Clinton Complains That ‘Bernie Bros’ Are ‘Profane’ And ‘Sexist.’”

Ultimately, one hopes, to paraphrase Henry Kissinger’s famous quip on the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s, this time both sides will eventually lose.


POLITICO: HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN ON VERGE OF A SHAKEUP: It sounds like a disorganized mess. Write Glenn Thrush and Annie Karni, “Ultimately, the disorganization is the candidate’s own decision-making, which lurches from hands-off delegation in times of success to hands-around-the-throat micromanagement when things go south.” Also:

from the beginning, there have been deeper issues simmering within the cheerfully-decorated Brooklyn headquarters — and much of that had to do with a disconnect between the candidate and her campaign. Over the summer while her campaign was bogged down in the email controversy, Clinton was deeply frustrated with her own staff, and vice versa. The candidate blamed her team for not getting her out of the mess quickly, and her team blamed Clinton for being stubbornly unwilling to take the advice of campaign chairman John Podesta and others to apologize, turn over her server, and move on. The entire experience made her a deeply vulnerable frontrunner out of the gate, and underscored a lack of trust between Clinton and her operatives, many of whom were former Obama staffers that she didn’t consider part of her inner circle of trust.

Read the whole thing.


DEPENDS. DO YOU WANT HER AS NANNY-IN-CHIEF? Can We Forgive Hillary Clinton For Her Past War On Video Games?

It was one of the hallmark proposals of Clinton’s Senate era, that selling violent games to the underage should be criminalized. Together with Senator Joe Lieberman, the two crafted the Family Entertainment Protection Act.

There were five major proposals to the bill, including:

A prohibition on selling games to minors, where retailers could be heavily fined for selling M or AO games to those under 17
An independent analysis of the ESRB’s ratings system to figure out if it was actually accurate
Authority for the FTC to investigate misleading game ratings
Authority for consumers to register complaints with the FTC for misleading game ratings
An audit of retailers including possible “secret shoppers” to see if underage kids can buy M or AO games from stores

While this bill was being proposed, Hillary Clinton went on the warpath about violent games. This was after Columbine and before Virginia Tech, but right in the middle of the great “Grand Theft Auto” panic, where that series was constantly coming under fire as essentially the sum of all fears for those concerned about violent games. . . .

And here’s what she said when she was asked the famous “are video games art?” question:

“Art is subjective; it’s in the eye of the beholder. I think video games can be fun. They can teach eye-hand coordination and strategy and they can introduce children to computer technology. And there is no doubt they are intricate and sophisticated technologically. I’m not in any way trying to do away with video games. I’m strictly concerned with a small subset of games that are harmful to children — those that are excessively violent and sexually explicit. I want to make sure children can’t obtain these games without their parents’ consent.”

And here, just laying it bare:

“We need to treat violent video games the way we treat tobacco, alcohol, and pornography.”

Which I guess means that she’d crusade against those, too, given the chance.

CHANGE: Growing Support Among Experts for Zika Advice to Delay Pregnancy. But delay until when, exactly? What makes it likely that Zika will be less of a threat in a couple of years than it is now?

ACTUALLY, IT’S EASY TO MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR A WALL. Just put a 25% excise tax on remittances.


During the 2008 presidential campaign, Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin referred to Madeleine Albright’s somewhat well-known saying, found on a Starbucks coffee cup, that “There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women.” At the time, Albright, who served as Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, huffed: “Though I am flattered that Governor Palin has chosen to cite me as a source of wisdom, what I said had nothing to do with politics.” She naturally followed that statement with an intense political attack on Palin and GOP presidential nominee John McCain.

Now that Democrat Hillary Clinton is running for president and is in danger of losing the New Hampshire primary by a substantial margin, Albright has decided that her statement has everything to do with politics, and that women who don’t support Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy and vote for her deserve that “special place in Hell.”

This morning Larry Klayman’s Freedom Watch linked to Jeff Jacoby’s 1997 Boston Globe article, “The Deceiving of Madeleine Albright:”

I have much esteem for Albright as a public official. She is assertive and principled, a welcome contrast to the timid Warren Christopher and the arrogant James Baker. A loathing of appeasement is her foreign policy rudder. “The mindset of most of my contemporaries is Vietnam,” she has said. “My mindset is Munich.” Those are the words of a potentially great secretary of state.

But something rings false in her reaction to the news that her family was Jewish. Was this really a bolt from the blue? Did she honestly have no inkling until this month that the Nazis murdered three of her grandparents, her aunt, her uncle, and her 11-year-old cousin Milena?

“A major surprise for me,” says Albright. Yet for years, it turns out, people had been sending her letters with information about her family. Four times the mayor of her father’s hometown in Bohemia had written to her, enclosing detailed material about her parents and grandparents. Albright never replied; her aides say she was too busy to see the letters. Perhaps she was.

Read the whole thing.

And Zero Hedge asks if “There’s a special place in Hell for women who don’t help other women,” then why didn’t Hillary support Zephyr Teachout in 2014 “also a ‘progressive,’ as ‘first woman governor’ of New York? Seems appropriate for someone asking for support on the basis of “first woman president.” Perhaps Clinton thought Teachout was the wrong woman to be the first woman governor of NY.”

Say, I wonder if CNN will ask Hillary about that — nahh, actually, I don’t.

UPDATE: “Time for Team Hillary to break out the gender card for young liberal women who prefer Sanders,” just as Team Obama played the race card against her in 2008.

WELL, THIS SHOULD PUT AN END TO DEMOCRATIC ATTACKS ON THAT EVIL “FOR PROFIT” EDUCATION: Apollo Sold to Investors With Obama Ties. “Apollo Education Group, Inc., which owns the University of Phoenix and is a major player in for-profit higher education, this morning announced a deal to be sold to a consortium of investors, including the Vistria Group, funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management and Najafi Companies, for $9.50 per share. The deal is a $1.1 billion transaction. When the deal closes, Tony Miller, chief operating officer and partner of the Vistria Group and former deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, will become chairman of the Apollo Education Group board.”

MY USA TODAY COLUMN, OCCASIONED BY THE 1000th DAY OF THE IRS SCANDAL: Washington’s culture of corruption rots on: When bureaucrats are above the law, ordinary Americans may want to follow suit.


Giuliani blasts Beyoncé for ‘attack’ on cops.

America’s sheriffs turn back on Beyonce Super Bowl ‘Formation’ performance.

● Michelle Malkin tweets: “A bloody history lesson for Beyoncé and her Black Panther-glorifying dancers.”

Monday’s CBS Good Morning Uses Beyonce Super Bowl Performance to Cheer Her Black Lives Matter Activism.

So, why did the NFL think that politicizing the halftime show in an election year would be a good thing – second look at “Up With People?”

BRR: Cosmic icebergs bob atop frozen nitrogen sea in Pluto’s heart.

JUDITH CURRY: Violating The Norms And Ethos Of Science. Well, when the opportunities for graft are sufficient, the temptation is nigh-irresistible.

ARMY OF DAVIDS, STATISTICS DIVISION: My latest Bloomberg View column looks at a startup using more than 30,000 smart-phone-wielding contractors to collect economic data, “peering into hard-to-reach places, identifying emerging trends and providing a check on official numbers. Particularly useful in developing countries, this grassroots data collection may, like the phones themselves, allow formerly lagging countries to leapfrog 20th-century approaches and establish flexible, nuanced and decentralized ways of answering economic questions.” Read the whole thing here.

Premise contributor in Nigeria

NANNY STATERS GOTTA NANNY: 2016 “may be the sweet spot” for sugar taxes.

Scandinavian countries have had such taxes, with varying degrees of success, for many years, and in 2012, France and Hungary joined the list, followed by Mexico in 2014.

But some public policy experts see them becoming more widespread, as nations seek to bolster their finances in an uncertain global economy and a new generation of savvy consumers is more concerned about health and less trusting of big corporations.

“This puts political leaders in a stronger position to enact policies such as taxes because the companies aren’t considered unbreakable,” said Kelly Brownell, dean of Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy in North Carolina.

Now India, the Philippines and Indonesia have said they are studying similar levies while Britain debated the issue in parliament late last year and Prime Minister David Cameron said in January that he would not rule out a sugar tax.

How about a tax on all new tax proposals, to be paid for by their proponents? Such a tax might work as a disincentive to bad taxation, and give legislators an incentive to spend their limited energies and incomes on only the good taxes.

KEEPING AMERICA SAFE, OBAMA EDITION: Pentagon Orders Commanders to Prioritize Climate Change in All Military Actions.

The Pentagon is ordering the top brass to incorporate climate change into virtually everything they do, from testing weapons to training troops to war planning to joint exercises with allies. . . .

The directive, “Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience,” is in line with President Obama’s view that global warming is the country’s foremost national security threat, or close to it.

. . .

Climate change must be integrated in:

• Weapons buying and testing “across the life cycle of weapons systems, platforms and equipment.”

• Training ranges and capabilities.

• Defense intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance.

• Defense education and training.

• Combatant commander joint training with allies to “assess the risks to U.S. security interests posed by climate change.”

• Joint Chiefs of Staff collaboration “with allies and partners to optimize joint exercises and war games including factors contributing to geopolitical and socioeconomic instability.”

Yes, this makes sense. I can see why the President of the United States would direct our military to prioritize climate change, since all those military exercises, training, weapons tests, humvees and other military vehicles–not to mention actual weapons use–add to our carbon footprint, maybe as much as Air Force One or Obama’s limousine-and-SUV motorcade.

I mean, really, since climate change is a bigger threat than radical Islamic terrorism, we probably ought to just eliminate the military entirely. And the President should use a bicycle or sailboat to travel. The safety of the planet depends on it!

isis climate change cartoon

IN THE MAIL: From Lis Wiehl, The Newsmakers.

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TAXPROF ROUNDUP: The IRS Scandal, Day 1005.

THE ABOLITION OF BRITAIN: If these really are “The 10 greatest living Englishmen,” as chosen by the London Telegraph, no wonder England seems so culturally exhausted.

We know the once-conservative Telegraph certainly is.


HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Vassar faculty-sponsored anti-Israel event erupts in controversy: Invited speaker accuses Israel of scientific experiment in “stunting” growth of Palestinian bodies.

Two observations: (1) The most observable stunting of Palestinians is moral, not physical, and their supporters are more to blame for this than their enemies. (2) Whenever you hear someone, usually an academic or hanger-on, invoke the “bodies” trope — e.g., “black bodies,” “brown bodies,” “Palestinian bodies,” that’s a strong indicator that the speaker is an idiot.