Tough Week for Rolling Stone

“Jann Wenner started off the week by getting hit with a $7.5 million lawsuit for publishing a bunch of lies about a gang-rape that never happened,” Jim Treacher writes at the Daily Caller. “Now he’s ending it with the news that his boyfriend Jahar has been sentenced to death.”


Treacher offers a “A Long-Distance Dedication” to the beleaguered far left publisher. At the start of last year, one of Rolling Stone’s writers wrote a reactionary screed straight out of the Communist Manifesto, with more than a hint of Bane-style punitive malice against those who have achieved wealth and property. You know, like Jann Wenner. Ironically, the lawsuits against the magazine for its University of Virginia rape fantasies could go a long way towards Wenner inadvertently living out his loopier journalists’ socialist redistributionist fantasies.



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