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Bill Whittle on the Class of 2015: 'Book Burners Afraid of Matches' (Video)

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Bill’s message will very likely go unheeded by those who need it the most, which is too bad — after four or more years of being coddled in socialist academia, the class of 2015 could certainly use the wake-up call.

Of course, if today’s kids really are book burners, it’s because they learned it from their professors, such as these two members of San Jose State University’s Meteorology Department. They proudly snapped a photo increasing their carbon footprint by planning to burn a book skeptical of today’s global warming mania, before realizing that posing as proud book burners has a distinctly Teutonic “partying like it’s 1939” look to it, and deleted the shot. Fortunately, not before it was caught by Anthony Watts in 2013:

Of course for digital information, Soviet-style airbrushes often work better than Nazi-style book burnings: “Georgetown demands edits to Christina Hoff Sommers video.” As Laurel Conrad of the Legal Insurrection blog asks, “I wonder if Georgetown ever heard of the Streisand Effect?”

In sharp contradiction to the book burners and video censors above, one college professor though has had enough:

A Texas A&M, Galveston, professor decided to fail his entire class after he claimed that they cheated in class and were disruptive and rude.

In a letter he sent to his strategic management students, Professor Irwin Horwitz claimed that he had seen cheating, heard false rumors about himself and other students and had been called a ‘f****** moron’ to his face.

Horwitz’s email said that every single student in the approximately 30-person class would fail because of the behavior he had witnessed during the semester.

The university has said that the failing grades Horwitz’s wishes to give out will not hold.

No, of course not. The parents have paid too much money for their kids not to sail through.

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