Noonan: Hillary Seems Tired, Not Hungry

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“This wasn’t high-class spin. These were not respectable dodges,” Noonan writes (begging the question, if Hillary’s spin was better, would Noonan be onboard with her, as she was with Obama in the fall of 2008?)


They didn’t make you grudgingly tip your hat at a gift for duplicity. I could almost feel an army of oppo people of both parties saying, “You can do better than that, Hillary!”

This wasn’t the work of a national, high-grade political response team, it was the thrown-together mess of someone who knew she was guilty of self-serving actions, who didn’t herself believe what she was saying, who didn’t think the press would swallow it, and who didn’t appear to care.

She didn’t look hungry for the battle, she looked tired of the battle.

Everyone knows what the scandal is. She didn’t want a paper trail of her decisions and actions as secretary of state. She didn’t want to be questioned about them, ever. So she didn’t join the government’s paper-trail system, in this case the State Department’s official email system, which retains and archives records. She built her own private system and got to keep complete control of everything she’d done or written. She no doubt assumed no one outside would ask and no one inside would insist—she’s Hillary, don’t mess with her.

She knew the story might blow but maybe it wouldn’t, worth the chance considering the payoff: secrecy. If what she did became public she’d deal with it then. When this week she was forced to, she stonewalled: “The server will remain private.”

Is it outrageous? Of course. Those are U.S. government documents she concealed and destroyed. The press is not covering for her and hard questions are being asked because everyone knows what the story is. It speaks of who she is and how she will govern. Everyone knows it.

She knows it too.

At the news conference she seemed like a 20th-century figure in a 21st-century world. Her critics complain it’s the 1990s returning but it isn’t, it’s only the dark side of the 90s without the era’s peace and prosperity.


Of course — if Hillary advocated the policies that Clinton governed with (at least after Hillarycare and gun control ushered in the GOP Congress in 1994), the far left Warren-Obama wing of the party would crucify her.

As for Hillary being “a 20th-century figure in a 21st-century world,” this brilliantly executed Photoshop from the I Own the World blog nails it, although even there, it’s difficult, based on her tenure at State, to see her playing geopolitics on the same level:


The jowls and widows peak is a nice. albeit terrifying, touch.


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