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NBC Anchorwoman: Leave Hillary Alone!

“Maddow: Media idiots don’t ‘know how to talk about’ the Clintons,” Noah Rothman writes at Hot Air:

“There are some analogs for the rest of us in mortal life* in terms of thinking about Hillary Clinton,” Maddow said after noting that, just like Hillary, MSNBC made her carry two devices in 2009 in order to be able to access her work and personal email accounts. “But the political truth of it is that there is no analog in mortal life to Hillary Clinton as a political being.”

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“Seeing the scrum this week, and a lot of the stupidity in the coverage around this issue, I worry about whether we’re going to be well-served by a Beltway press corps that doesn’t know how to talk about either Bill or Hillary Clinton without treading into real nonsense,” she closed.

You hear that, members of the political press? Even after more than two decades, you don’t know how to talk about the Clintons without sounding like conspiratorial fools. Rachel Maddow would like to provide some tips for you so that you can more effectively do your jobs in her eyes.

Maybe Maddow failed to recall that she indulged in some bizarre theorizing of her own when she suggested that Christie ordered the GWB lane closures due to an arcane fight with the legislature over Supreme Court nominees. Perhaps she forgot that even Bill Maher admonished her for being admittedly “unapologetically” “obsessed” with the bridge scandal that went precisely nowhere.


Wow, at least Al Gore waited until after the Democrats lost before springing the conservative media bias spin, which is what Maddow’s bizarre dissembling strongly resembles. (And given that she’s described herself as “someone who’s roughly to the left of Mao.” she’s very likely one of those people who thinks the New York Times and NPR lean so far to the right they’re anarchic libertarians.)

Plus I like the references to “the rest of us in mortal life.” So Hillary is God? I thought Obama was God — and I don’t recall Obama or his immediate circle treating Hillary so worshipfully in 2007 and 2008:

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And that first salvo from the Obama campaign treated Hillary with kid gloves compared to how she was described a year later in Obama’s Chicago church:

Father Pfleger’s May 2008 rant in Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ, “the Obama family church,” as the Chicago Sun-Times noted (until — poof!it wasn’t) and Maddow’s worshipful praise of Hillary are reminders that, “There Is No Such Thing as a Secular Politics,” as Seth Mandel writes at Commentary, “Liberalism, especially in the age of Obama, is a deeply religious movement.”


Bill Clinton could seem like a Southern televangelist (in more ways than one…) with his “I feel your pain” Elmer Gantry routine. Obama could make a similar shtick work on the pulpit in 2008; Hillary is a deeply flawed retail front woman for a party that treats politics like a religion.

Of course, there’s always feminism for Hillary to fall back on. And speaking of which, as Charles Hurt asks in the Washington Times, “Are we ready for 10 more years of wrath from the eternal Woman Scorned?”

Update: Maddow’s use of the word “analog” and Hillary does seam appropriate though:

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