Ed Driscoll

Exclusive Video from Vice President Biden's Press Conference

Transcript here.

Update: Biden’s capacity for self-parody reaching astonishing new levels.

Related: I had to reach back nearly 30 years to find an SNL sketch I could repurpose to goof on Vice President Butt Buddy. As Christian Toto writes at Hollywood in Toto, “‘Saturday Night Live’ has had six years to poke fun at Vice President Joe Biden. What did viewers get in return?”

Speaking of which, according to Jimmy Fallon, the SNL Fortieth Anniversary afterparty this past weekend was the party of the century, far eclipsing the actual TV show that preceded it, thus proving the late Gene Siskel’s maximum about what makes a good movie or TV show. When reviewing Hollywood product, Siskel always asked himself, is what he just watched onscreen “more interesting than a documentary of the same actors having lunch?” SNL has been violating Siskel’s Law on a weekly basis ever since Phil Hartman left the show.