Ed Driscoll

Peak CNN Reached



With peak CNN finally reached, there really only two things left to happen: 1. CNN founder Ted Turner needs to issue a statement soon defending the “activists” in France, one that’s even nuttier than his 2005 defense of North Korea. 2. Followed by CNN playing that video of “Nearer My God to Thee” and finally calling it a day.

Update: Piers Morgan is no longer employed by CNN, but perhaps he’s still suffering from the lingering radiation effects of the network’s black hole, which swallows all logic and common sense in its gravity well:

Related: “Confirmed: Fear of terrorism is driving CNN’s editorial decisions,” Erik Wemple writes at the Washington Post.

But it’s only a fear of terrorism impacting those employed by the network. As with their open love affair with totalitarian governments, CNN’s journalists have always been quite willing to praise those who commit terrorist acts. And as with the above article on CNN’s Jim Clancy, insult those who fight back against them.