Ed Driscoll

Hollywood Camerawoman Killed by Freight Train Shooting Gregg Allman Biopic

“New footage reveals how camera-woman was left stranded on bridge and killed by oncoming train in chaotic scenes ‘after being told to film on tracks without permission,'” the London Daily Mail reports, along with a frightening video taken from inside the locomotive that struck the camerawoman:

These are the shocking final moments before a 27-year-old camera assistant was killed by a freight train on the set of the biographical film ‘Midnight Rider’.

The footage, captured on a camera mounted inside the CSX locomotive, shows Sarah Jones and other crew members trying to flee from the railroad bridge they were filming at in southeast Georgia.

But while they and stars, including William Hurt and Wyatt Russell, were running for their lives, the metal bed that was being used as a prop in the movie was still lying across the track.

Seconds later, the bed was struck by the train, killing Miss Jones, who was in her first day of shooting on the film about the Allman Brothers Band singer, Gregg Allman. Six other workers were injured.

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Others could be seen holding their hands over their ears to block out the deafening sound, while some were captured desperately clinging on to the sides of the bridge.

Three seconds on, the train smashed into the bed, which workers had not been able to move off the track in time, turning it into a ‘deadly weapon’ that ‘pushed’ Miss Jones into the vehicle.

Speaking to the program, hairstylist Joyce Gilliard, who suffered an arm injury in the crash, said those involved in the shoot had been told that if a train comes, ‘you have 60 seconds to get off the track’.

Scroll down the article for a photo of the email that a CSX representative sent the film crew denying the railroad’s permission to shoot on their property, and suggesting they contact a nearby shortline railroad instead. “Miss Gilliard, who is also suing Miller and others involved in the shooting added: ‘They wanted to get the shot, so whatever it took to get the shot is what they did,” the Daily Mail adds on the incident, which eerily echoes the death of veteran actor Vic Morrow on the set of the 1983Twilight Zone movie.