Ed Driscoll

Populism’s Hard When You Don’t Like the People

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“Mary Landrieu, taking the low road to defeat, doesn’t think much of the voters in her state. She tells Chuck Todd that Obama and her are unpopular because voters are unfriendly to African-Americans and women.” *

Add Landrieu’s Louisiana cri de coeur to our laundry list from yesterday. As we mentioned, the New Republic believes that Martha Coakley is having a difficult go of it because voters in Massachusetts(!) are sexist.  The Huffington Post blamed Obama’s difficulties in the 2008 Pennsylvania primary on racist white male voters — racist white Democrat male voters who supported Hillary in that primary. And Wendy Davis doesn’t think of Texas gun owners or the state’s voter ID laws.

As Ricochet’s Troy Senik has noted, “Populism’s Hard When You Don’t Like the People.”

* Those Louisiana voters are so racist, just look at the pasty white cracker they elected twice to be their governor.

Update: Bobby Jindal tweets, “Senator Landrieu’s comments are remarkably divisive. She appears to be living in a different century.”

It’s always 1963 for Möbius Loop-trapped “Progressives,” despite Bull Connor being on the Democratic National Committee.