The L.A. Times Morphed Into the Ministry of Truth So Slowly...

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“Via Weasel Zippers, we learned the Los Angeles Times has a new term for illegal aliens in the work force: they’re ‘informal workers,’ and that doesn’t mean they don’t arrive on the job in a tuxedo,” Tim Graham quips at NewsBusters:


Times reporter Tiffany Hsu (a “UC Berkeley grad”) began her Saturday story with the new I-word (and illegal immigrants also “labored unofficially” in “gray employment”):

Informal workers are growing part of California’s economy — a shift keenly felt in the construction industry, where 1 in 6 workers is either off the books or misreported, new research has found.

Construction businesses in the state employ roughly 895,000 workers, according to a report by downtown Los Angeles research group Economic Roundtable that was released Sunday. In 2011, 143,900 of those workers labored unofficially

In specialty trades such as drywall and flooring, a quarter of laborers are considered informal, according to the Economic Roundtable.

The L.A. Times was the newspaper that helped popularize the term “funemployment” back in 2009 to describe the “benefits” of their boss’s economic policy (which includes adding plenty of “informal workers” to help spread additional “funemployment” across the nation formerly known as America), so it’s not at all surprising to see Mr. Obama’s fellow Democrat operatives with bylines continue their creation of politically correct Orwellian euphemisms.


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