Ed Driscoll

Quotes of the Day

Now is the time when AWR Hawkins of Big Journalism juxtaposes:

The NRA is to blame for Santa Barbara because it allegedly spent its time fighting to be sure Americans “have as little access to information as possible that might help save lives.”

By the way, Elliot Rodger is the person who actually carried out the attacks in Santa Barbara. His name does not appear in Schecter’s [Daily Beast] column.


“The Daily Beast: NRA the New Marlboro Man, Santa Barbara Its Fault,” AWR Hawkins, today.

“But come on, Dems: Make 2014 a referendum on gun control. You know you want to.”

—Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com, today.

Related: “Three myths about ‘right-wing lunatic virgin’ Elliot Rodger that the Left wants you to believe.”

(Lede inspired by the recurring leitmotif of Small Dead Animals.)

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