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CNN Infighting: Amanpour Blitzes Blitzer

As spotted by Twitchy, who watches CNN so that you don't have to -- unless you're trapped in a federal prison or airport departure lounge (but I repeat myself):

During a discussion on CNN about the situation in Ukraine, Christiane Amanpour went after Wolf Blitzer for making what Amanpour thought was a blanket statement:

CNN hosts Christiane Amanpour and Wolf Blitzer sparred with one another on Monday after Blitzer quoted a Russian official who said pro-European Ukrainians are anti-Semites and fascists.

“You have to be really careful by putting that across as a fact,” Amanpour said after Blitzer quoted Vitaly Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Security Council who said earlier today that “fascists and anti-Semites” were to blame for the unrest in Ukraine.

“That’s what Vitaly Churkin said,” Blitzer countered.

We hope Blitzer enjoyed his lecture in responsible reporting from the “journalist” who referred to Raul Castro as a “freedom fighter.”

Heh. Given that CNN has spent their recent years getting incensed over scary words and "bullying," perhaps we should take a cue from their recent Chyron that absurdly asked "PUTIN BULLYING OBAMA?" and frame the frank discussion between the two left and lefter CNN pundits in language that the Time-Warner-CNN-HBO network can appreciate: