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McGruff the Crime Dog busted for pot possession:

John Russell Morales, 41, an actor who once played the crime-fighting cartoon bloodhound, has been sentenced to nearly two decades behind bars after pleading guilty to possessing 1,000 marijuana plants and a cache of nearly 30 weapons — including a grenade launcher and thousands of ammunition rounds.

Morales was arrested in 2011 after Galveston, Texas, police and drug-sniffing dogs — real dogs, that is — stopped him for speeding, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Kusin, who later prosecuted the case.

Authorities discovered diagrams of two indoor pot-growing operations and an abundance of marijuana seeds in Morales’ Infinity, according to the Houston Chronicle newspaper.

Police who raided Morales’ residence seized 1,000 marijuana plants and 9,000 rounds of ammunition for 27 weapons — including a shotgun, pistols, rifles, and a military grenade launcher, according to court documents obtained by NBC News.


As Steve Green is wont to say, you know you’re not supposed to do that, right?

All of my teenage role models turn out to have feet of clay. Or paws of clay in this case. And McGruff should be smart enough to know that you really can’t maintain a career in law enforcement after you’ve been caught with that much reefer.

Wait, let me think about that for a moment.


OK, with one very noticeable exception — who isn’t all that fond of dogs himself, come to think it.

(Via Twitchy.)

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