Ed Driscoll

'The Bob Marley Has Begun!'

Gavin McInnes explores “10 Reasons Old Punks Make Great Dads:”

8. YOU UNDERSTAND TOTALLY INSANE IDEAS A lot of the punk ethos was about rejecting authority and thinking for yourself, which is very healthy. However, the “anything goes” philosophy often drifts into WTF territory. They passionately sing about how awesome it is to be on welfare, insist Jesus is dead, and tell you that shaved women are collaborators (whatever that means). Being bombarded with such intense levels of ridiculosity your whole life prepares you for the incredibly weird shit kids say. About once a day my son informs me that “The Bob Marley has begun” and he will usually add, “Scientists say, when you read a book to love, you just fall apart.” I totally get both concepts.


And then there’s number five: “You Understand Being Obsessed With Pants.” Read the whole thing.

(Via Kathy Shaidle, who also reminds us that none of us are getting any younger, by noting, “Never Mind The Beatles: America Met The Clash 35 Years Ago This Week.”)

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