Comedienne Rejects Your Reality and Substitutes Her Own

“Kathy Griffin compares Phil Robertson suspension to Matthew Shepard murder,” as spotted by Twitchy, which rightly calls it a case of “apples and bananas:”


Forgive us if we don’t quite see the connection here. Yes, the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch was suspended after he told GQ that he believes homosexuality is a sin, but as far as we know he’s never committed any violent acts against gays. No crime was committed (unless you count thought crimes), and A&E might even be the real victim in the situation, if the Robertsons decide to part ways with the network, as they’ve suggested.

As a result, plenty — including Sarah PalinCharlie DanielsTed Cruz and more — stood up for Phil Robertson’s right to free speech and religious liberty, while Kirsten Powers tried to compare Robertson’s words to those of MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, who with his words wished harm on a specific person.

If those two don’t compare, there’s certainly no comparison to be made to the murder of Matthew Shepard (which might not have had anything to do with Shepard being gay after all, but rather with drugs). Regardless, Shepard’s murder was a horrible crime; as far as we know, quoting from the Bible isn’t — yet.

In his recent article titled “A World of Lies,” Dennis Prager wrote, “The Left has no scruples about distorting the truth in service of its agenda.” Prager’s article began by focusing on the murder of Shepard in 1998 — which was universally presented by the media as an anti-gay hate crime, when it was, according to later reporting by gay journalist and TV producer Stephen Jimenez, simply a drug deal gone horribly wrong. Prager then goes into all of the other race- and gender-based lies told by the MSM: “Remember the 2006 story about nooses that were hung by racist white students in Jena, La., to signify lynchings?,” Prager asks. Then the MSM’s Duke lacrosse fabrications, and then the grandaddies of them all: Walter Duranty’s denial of Stalin’s terror famine in the Ukraine in the New York Times, and, thirty years later, the MSM’s denial that JFK was a victim of the Cold War.


As I’ve said before, “Everything You Know About the 20th Century is Wrong,” if you’re trapped inside the MSM’s cocoon, and that goes double for a D-list Hollywood comedienne. Speaking of which, how will she and willing victim Anderson Cooper further embarrass Time-Warner-CNN-HBO’s now-permanently enfeebled pioneering cable news network at the start of 2014?

And yes, as Twitchy noted, Shepard’s murder was indeed a horrible crime, irregardless of its cause. The latter half of their equation quoted above, was “as far as we know, quoting from the Bible isn’t — yet.”

GLAAD is doing their damndest to make that a reality, at least in a media overculture the center-left maintains an iron grip upon.

Related: Oh and speaking of CNN, their spokesmen are still having trouble understanding that whole Constitution thing, and since A&E isn’t Congress or the federal government, to whom it applies.


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