Ed Driscoll

Two Time Magazines in One!

“Time’s Mark Halperin Lamented Press Failure to Scrutinize Obamacare….But In 2010, Boasted About It,” Tim Graham writes at Newsbusters:

Last Thursday, Time’s Mark Halperin told guest host Laura Ingraham on “The O’Reilly Factor” that “There is no doubt that the press failed to scrutinize this program at the time of passage and during the context of the president’s re-election. Any reporter who would argue otherwise would be putting their head in the sand.” Romney’s vulnerability on Romneycare meant it wasn’t much of an issue.

“It’s part of the flaws of the way the media works,” Halperin added. “If the candidates aren’t talking about it, it gets less coverage. But there’s no doubt a disservice was done to the country and even to liberals who want this program to succeed, because it didn’t get scrutiny on passage, and then again when the President was running for re-election.” But James Taranto of The Wall Street Journal did the mean thing to Halperin. Oh, look, here’s one Mark Halperin on March 22, 2010, boasting about the forthcoming press failure on Obamacare, right after it passed:

Read the whole thing; the indictment from Halperin that follows “should have been framed as a confession,” as Taranto wrote after quoting it. But then, the media have a long history of ignoring inconvenient truths (to coin a Qatar-approved phrase) when it’s necessary to bolster their fellow Democrats, and then issuing mock apologies and faux mea culpas afterwards.