Ed Driscoll

Spotted Unicorn Spotted


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Why yes, that is a “Lord, Deliver Us from ObamaCare” and a “Coexist” bumper sticker coexisting side by side on the back of a Toyota Rav-4 I spotted in the parking lot of a San Jose-area Kaiser hospital this afternoon while I was getting a flu shot. I have no idea if the owner of the vehicle is a Kaiser employee or a patient, but I appreciate the sentiment, particularly given the otherwise lockstep “liberal” region of the nation it was parked in.

And speaking of delivering us from ObamaCare, at Ricochet, “The Smell of Panic” is detected from the left by Pejman Yousefzadeh, who spots Greg Sargent of the Washington Post looking to rope the GOP into lending a hand to fix ObamaCare. The GOP should do everything it can to reach out, in as compassionate a tone as possible, to the voters who have lost their policies. But Republican officials should also remind voters that the ultimate fix for this is voting the GOP into the Senate majority in 2014, and into the White House in 2016. Otherwise, they’ll just be putting a Band-Aid on an ever-metastasizing tumor.