Supersized Stereo Scary-Ass Charts


Steve Green has one of his patented Scary-Ass Charts of the Day, on US welfare spending over the past five years.

Maggie’s Farm links to a post by Doug Ross at his Director Blue Weblog featuring an equally scary-ass chart on labor force statistics and titled, “THANK A DETROITOCRAT: The Number of Americans Who Left the Labor Force Hits Another All-Time High.”


Combine them together, and it’s enough to invert the famous Catskills-inspired opening riff by Alvy Singer at the beginning of Annie Hall: Boy, the food here is terrible — yes, and such large portions, too.

Kathy Shaidle links to the latter chart and writes, “Five years — not, say, fifty. America is over,” and while I’m not sure about that prediction, or at least that timetable, it does make me wonder what happens next.

Perhaps the crystal ball with the Cloward-Piven, Inc. logo on it has some clues.


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