The New York Times has its daily Fox Butterfield moment, here:

“Problems finding providers or drug coverage are occurring mainly on state exchanges paradoxically because those Web sites are working better than the federal insurance exchange used by 36 states.”


As Moe Lane writes (and click over to Moe if you want to read the underlying Times article), “Translation: the states are (marginally) better at complying with federal regulations than the federal government is itself. Raise your hand if this shocks you.”

As for the rest of us who don’t view the world from the windows high atop Pinch Avenue, Nick Gillespie explores “The Abysmal, Pathetic Obamacare Rollout,” adding that “It’s a colossal, expensive failure that projects a 1970s-era DMV experience into cyberspace.” 

Shocking, I know. What is somewhat surprising is that Nick is writing the above not from his usual perch at Reason, the libertarian house organ, but from the pages of the Daily Beast. And oh how Tina Brown must have enjoyed publishing that.


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