Nipple Slip

Terry Southern, call your office:

Youngman Grand, Esq.: Dad, do you think words corrupt?

Sir Guy Grand KG, KC, CBE: I don’t know, let’s try. Agnes?

Dame Agnes Grand: [looks up from the television] Yes?

Sir Guy Grand KG, KC, CBE: Nipple.

Dame Agnes Grand: Shh!

[turns back to the television]

Sir Guy Grand KG, KC, CBE: [watches her a moment] Well, there’s no immediate physical change.


— From the 1969 film version of Southern’s novel, The Magic Christian, starring Peter Sellers as Sir Guy Grand, and Ringo Starr as Youngman Grand.

Flash-forward to 2013:

Wired’s interview with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston is a good read, but you might want to skip right to the correction at the end for the very best part.

“Correction appended [2:37 P.M. PST/9/17]: A previous version of this story incorrectly quoted Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston saying “anyone with nipples” instead of “anyone with a pulse.”

The obvious question: how does one mishear “pulse” as “nipples”? You can’t even try to blame that on autocorrect.

— “Wired’s nipple slip early contender for correction of the year,” Twitchy, today.

Related: “Peter Sellers does a few regional British accents, including different areas of London.”

More: One way or another, I think somebody was quite well lubricated here:


Remember kids, anal and analog are two exceedingly different things.



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