Ed Driscoll

At Last, the 1948 Show

“The U.K. National Health Service has staggered along into its 65th year, and continues to provide an excellent example of just how really sh**ty government-run health care can be,” writes J.D. Tuccille at the Reason Hit & Run blog, linking to this Sky News article:

The NHS — hailed as “one of the greatest achievements of civilisation” on its 65th anniversary — may cease to exist in its current form within 10 years, a new report has warned.

According to the NHS Confederation, the health service faces “significant financial and demand pressures”, which require a “radical shift” in the way it delivers care.

It comes as the Prime Minister and doctors’ leaders heaped praise on the system – the first of its kind anywhere in the world when it launched in 1948.

Speaking after Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced plans to give every vulnerable elderly person a named medic responsible for their care, David Cameron said: “Of course there are pressures and problems but there is a lot to celebrate.

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It has rocked by the scandal at Stafford Hospital, where some patients were left lying in their urine and excrement for days, as well as claims that the Care Quality Commission covered up failures to investigate the deaths of numerous mothers and babies at Furness General Hospital.

As a a latter proponent of socialized medicine would say, what difference does it make that it’s such an enormous failure that treatment is –literally — execrable, and that it must eventually collapse of its weight? Particularly when the anointeds’ visions on the road to fiscal perdition were so pure:

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