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Step One: Read Jim Treacher’s description of the latest adventures of the original lead singer for America’s premiere fun lovin’, hard-rockin’ rock band. “David Lee Roth made a ‘trailer’ for a Japanese gangster movie that may or may not ever exist, because he can,” Treach writes:


It’s been another grueling week for anybody trying to follow the news, and you need a break from all that insanity.

Instead, check out this insanity. If you’ve been wondering what DLR has been doing since the reunited Van Halen cut short their world tour last year, here ya go.

There’s no violence in this “trailer,” but be warned that a 57-year old man strips down to a towel for no apparent reason and tries to speak Japanese.

Step Two: Watch video at top of post.

Step Three: Mind blown. (And more than a little amused by DLR’s hip-swaying sashay at the end of the clip…)

Also: Above clip should serve as unassailable proof that Diamond Dave must wear copious amount of Mandom, particularly when he’s preparing for a hit.


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