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Well, Somebody is Crazy Here

"Team Obama calls global warming doubters 'crazy,'" Paul Bedard writes at the Washington Examiner:

The president's recently formed grass-roots campaign operation revealed Thursday that it plans to attack Republicans who question radical global warming hype, dubbing them "crazy" purveyors of "far-fetched conspiracy theories."

In a fundraising memo from President Obama's re-election campaign manager, Organizing for Action slammed "climate deniers" and their doubts, which Jim Messina compared to the nutty things a crazy uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner.

You mean crazy stuff like this: "Can Humans Survive?" Newsweek, aka the Daily Beast asks:

Nonetheless, if the planet starts heating up rapidly, and droughts are causing mass death, it’s very possible that we’ll become desperate enough to try solar management. The planet would rapidly cool a few degrees and give crops a chance to thrive again. What would it be like to live through a geoengineering project like that? “People say we’ll have white skies—blue skies will be a thing of the past,” Cascio said. Plus, solar management is only “a tourniquet,” he warned. The greater injury would still need treating. We might cut the heat, but we’d still be coping with elevated levels of carbon in our atmosphere, interacting with sunlight to raise temperatures. When the reflective particles precipitated out of the stratosphere, the planet would once again undergo rapid, intense heating. “You could make things significantly worse if you’re not pulling carbon down at the same time,” Cascio said.

While this scheme received favorable lip-service in 2009 by John Holdren, Obama's Dr. Strangelove-esque "Science" "Czar," even Al Gore says it's crazy. And Al and crazy are on exceedingly good terms:


While the Daily Beastweek is donning its sandwich board and alternately either waiting the sky to fall or waiting to shoot sun-reflecting pollutants into it, "Despite global warming hype, wildfires at 10-year low," the Daily Caller notes:

Wildfires are burning up thousands of acres in the western U.S., a fact the Obama administration points to as evidence that Washington needs to get serious about addressing global warming.

However, government data show that wildfires are at a 10-year low.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, there were 13,115 fires between January 1st and May 3rd of this year, which burnt a total of 153,277 acres — about half as much as burned last year. This is lowest spring for wildfires since 2004, according to NIFC.

“Wildfire activity remains light throughout the US. Two new large fires were reported this week and one was contained,” according to the latest update from NFIC.

“People who claim that the climate is getting more severe simply have not studied the history of climate,” said Steven Goddard, a climate skeptic blogger who pointed out the data, in an email. “This year has been very cold, with record amounts of spring snow.”

And even USA Today is forced to note, "Tornado activity hits 60-year low."

But the sky could still fall! Former Newsweek editor Jonathan Alter tells MSNBC today that the "Sequestration Could Kill People:"

Let's just broaden the conversation out from Head Start a little bit because these cuts go all the way across everything that the federal government does. So people can have a particular problem maybe with Head Start. Maybe it doesn't have the results they want. Anybody can find various problems with various government programs. But to take a machete to the federal budget this way is mindless.

Pretty much all of these agencies could close some programs, consolidate programs, save some money. Obama's for that. Democrats are for that. But to just kind of say that arbitrarily everything has to be cut, what ends up happening is, look at these people on dialysis. They get rides to their kidney dialysis programs. If they don't get there for their dialysis treatment, they can die. These rides have been dramatically cut back in some areas because of these cuts.

Multiply that by thousands of programs and different things the federal government is involved with - whether it's small business, Head Start, or anything else - the only people spared are those who serve the powerful like airlines because Congressmen have to fly home. They don't want the delays at the airport. So they fixed that and they left the poor and the sick to fend for themselves. And that's immoral in the United States.

So why does Obama hate the old and infirm so much?

Click to enlarge.

Incidentally, Hot Air links to the apocalyptic Newsweek/Daily Beast article above under the headline, "What will the next mass extinction look like?" For those who published it, I'd say it looked like this:

You know what else risks extinction? "Heh: ‘Reporter’ On List Of ’5 Dying Careers To Avoid’"

Dying Career #2: Reporter

They say a species must adapt or die, and with the trend of the Internet replacing print journalism (you are reading this on the computer, after all), media folks who don’t adjust might not survive too much longer. In short, many reporters could be going the way of their typewriters soon.

Projected Decline: Reporter and correspondent positions are expected to decline by 8 percent from 51,900 jobs in 2010 to 48,000 in 2020, for a total of nearly 4,000 jobs lost, says the U.S. Department of Labor

Why It’s Dying: The Department of Labor says that because of the trend of consolidation of media companies and the decline in readership of newspapers, reporters will find there are fewer available jobs.

So, if you have a hankering for writing, you might look into…

Alternative Career: Public Relations Specialist

As Stephen Kruiser quips at the Tatler:

What amused me while reading this is that the real reason reporters are a dying breed is that they’ve already turned into public relations specialists, especially the current MSM types regarding this president. They long ago abandoned the inquisitive nature that real reporters need and now write nothing but fawning high school girl journal entries about how wonderful The Idiot King is.

When this job goes the way of the village blacksmith they’ll have no place but the mirror to look when it’s time to dole out the blame.

Just a reminder -- 20 years ago, it was a Newsweek journalist who bragged on C-Span about the "Yeah, I’m In The Media, Screw You!" button she was wearing:

“My reaction to that button [`Rather Biased'] and others, in part, is a button I bought yesterday that says `Yeah, I’m In The Media, Screw You!’….I do understand why a lot of people are upset with us, why we rank somewhere between terrorists and bank robbers on the approval scale. We do criticize. That’s part of our role. Our role is not just to parrot what people say, it’s to make people think. I think that sometimes I want to say to the electorate `Grow up!’”

Now who's being naive, Kay?