Ed Driscoll

Ten Years Gone

“Leno: Only Super Bowl Ads Nobody Gets Mad at Are White Guys Making Fools of Themselves Over Beer,” As spotted by Newsbusters‘ Noel Sheppard:

“You knew this was going to happen,” Leno teased during his opening monologue. “Complaints keep coming in about a lot of the Super Bowl commercials.”

He continued, “Some Arab-American groups claimed the Coke commercial – remember the one depicting a sheik walking his camel across the desert? They said that was anti-Arab. Another group said the Volkswagen commercial — remember, everybody speaking with a Jamaican accent? Oh, they said that was racist.”

And the punch line?

“When will advertisers learn the only stereotype nobody gets mad at is white guys making fools of themselves over beer? Okay? That’s the only one. That is the only one you can do”

Sadly, he’s right.

Well, yes. But where you been for the last decade, Jay?

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Update: “Adam Carolla rates the Super Bowl commercials (video),” at Five Feet of Fury.